7 thoughts on “Saturday 9 January

  1. I enjoyed participating in the warmup WOD with you guys today. Everyone tackled Fran with confidence. Was motivated to see Wendy complete it with a 45 lb load, and all of the men plus Leah did the WOD as prescribed. Several well-deserved spots claimed on the leaderboard.

  2. Rest day for me. Congrats to those of you who got PRs in “Fran” this morning! Whether it was a PR as Rx’d, your first time to go as Rx’d or your first “Fran” ever, everyone worked hard. I enjoyed observing some life changing fitness today.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for posting the video of Fran from today. Also, I see how lame I look walking around the pullup bars on my last round with you guys yelling at me to “Get on the Bar!”

  4. Chris, most people aren’t able to think very clearly during minute 5 of a 5 minute Fran. Sure, lesson learned is to not let adversity and unknown events (Hudson kipping into the space you would have kipped) affect you. Just make the best of it and keep working. However, it’s much easier to analyze and critique in hindsight. Nice job today.

  5. 13:23, as Rx’d! First time to complete as Rx’d. A little slower than I wish, but just to finish is a win for me. Next time hoping for sub 10.

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