6 thoughts on “Sunday 10 January

  1. 135-155-165-175(PR)-185(PR)-195(PR)-200(PR)

    I never have done heavy push jerk before (except sets of 5). I was wrong too; the last time this came on CrossFit main was about 6 months ago (not 4 years).

  2. 155-175-185-190-195X-195X-195-200PR.
    Pr’s thanks to good advice from Jeff about getting lower on the catch.

    Also PR’d on power cleans. 205.

  3. 115-135-155-165(f)-165(PR)-175(f)-175(f)

    Prior to the WOD I worked on my deadlift. Did a 305 deadlift PR. Happy now I am catching up with David.

  4. Push Jerk

    210 is my PR, so I was a little off today. All things considered, I am still happy with my performance. Enjoyed working with the class. I need to work in some extra strength training. Andy, Hudson, and Chris are right on my heels!

  5. Good class today. There were several solid push jerks in the 200-lbs range for the males. Kudos to Lisa for taking the top spot in the females.

    Jeff, I know what you mean. I am going to have to work harder too.

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