9 thoughts on “Tuesday 12 January

  1. 11:19

    Distances for lunges and jumps were 50 yards and 100 yards, respectively. Run was honest 200 meters. Broad jumps were definitely killer. Good work to both classes tonight. Saw lots of intensity from those with short times and lots of determination from those with longer times.

  2. 17:02

    I am gonna go with most of the class on this one, It didn’t look to bad in writing but after doing it, it was rough. The broad jumps were painful by the third round. But good workout overall. Thanks Chris for the extra push in round three.

  3. 13:07

    The broad jumps were the most challenging for me as well. I have never in my life jumped with both feet for a total of ~300 yards!

    Worked in some back squat after the WOD

    5-5-5 at 225-lbs

  4. Did this at the UFC scaled; walking lunge 20m, broad jump 40m, run 200m, 3 rounds.
    The broad jumps were the hardest for me and my abs were killing last night after finishing the WOD.
    Never felt my abs this sore this deeply in a long time, made it hard move around much afterwards…

    Time: 09:53 – keep in mind it was scaled though.

  5. How do you deal with these distances in your box?
    Are you lunging and jumping back and forth inside with marked distances?
    I’m assuming the run is outside marked on the pavement…

  6. Russell, one length of our box is 25 yards. We did lunges and jumps inside and the 200m run was marked off from the back door.

  7. 12:45

    I agree that this one looked relatively easy on paper, but was pretty grueling on the broad jumps. Had the jimmy legs going afterwards.

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