8 thoughts on “Wednesday 13 January

  1. 1: 12/12
    2: 10/8
    3: 8/6
    4: 6/5
    5: 6/5

    Can’t bench body weight so I did 115lbs. Good workout. I was glad it happened early in the morning though so I could get my day going. Thanks for the extra push David during the last round of bench.

  2. For the record, Tristan and Russ both did the WOD with 75% body weight as their loads.

  3. Did Fran today. 3:16 (PR) Had one questionable thruster that I think I failed to completely lockout. All other reps felt good. I think the key is to not put the bar down and keep your elbows out so the load rides on your shoulders during the front squat. Will review the video when I get home.

    1. Nice Fran Jeff. How much faster than your last PR?

      I scaled to 135, which is 69% (booyah) my body weight.

      1: 15/14
      2: 12/13
      3: 11/12
      4: 8/12
      5: 9/12

  4. Awesome workout today and but now I have “She’s an uptown girl” stuck in my head. Thanks Christina!

  5. I didn’t get a chance to workout today. I would like to do “Lynne” but bench press is one of the movements that hurts the shoulder. Will I ever be back to 100%? Frustrating….

    Jeff, congrats on an awesome Fran time!

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