6 thoughts on “Wednesday 20 January

  1. 12:16 as Rx’d. Bottom of bar was 8 inches above my highest reach. Barefoot was a mistake. Wore a big raw spot on the bottom of each big toe. Oh well. I’ll tape it for a couple days so I can train on it and be better equipped after it heals.

  2. 11:27. About 8 in overhead for me too. Felt like I was doing the workout with a bag on my head. Had to do a few and then gasp for breath. Everyone did a good job.

  3. Morning workout:


    It is what it is but I wasn’t feeling strong in deadlift this morning.

    Afternoon WOD:

    I rolled my own due to shoulder pain. Burpees and pullups didn’t seem like a good idea for me today but I needed to get some work in. It went as follows:

    For time:
    50 Double Unders
    50 Situps
    3 Back Squats (Body Weight for load)
    40 DUs
    40 Situps
    6 Back Squats
    30 DUs
    30 Situps
    9 Back Squats
    20 DUs
    20 Situps
    12 Back Squats
    10 DUs
    10 Situps
    15 Back Squats

    Time: 11:41

  4. Great classes today! Everyone worked really hard today.

    I did yesterdays wod today after everyone left.

    back squat at 75% = 85lbs
    ring dips (scaled assisted using my feet)

    Time: 14:53

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