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  1. Quick note to our nutrition challenge participants: when people at work start ridiculing your healthy decisions then you’re doing something right. Keep at it. Wear that ridicule like a badge of honor, because they are shamed you are driven to accomplish what they are capable of but will not conquer. They will hate you because you seek to better yourself and they do not. You expose their weakness by working to eliminate your own, and they despise you for it. Do not give them sanction by succumbing to the decisions they’d rather you make. Stay the course. You will be victorious.

    14:31, as Rx’d.

    The mental game during clean and jerk was difficult for me on this one during the second two rounds. I kept wondering “Why in the hell do you have to rest so much (5-6 seconds) just to move 135 lbs?!?” I tried to make up my time on GHDs. First set was unbroken. Not fast, not slow, just methodical and unbroken. Second two sets were slower with 3-4 breath rests every 4-5 reps. Thanks to Greg for working out with me and providing a little push.

  2. 26:06

    I did 30 knees-to-elbows for the first two rounds so I wouldn’t have the headache syndrome. Last set on the GHDs. Mild headache.

    The clean and jerk was hard, but very satisfying to me. I like the move. My max squat clean (on record), was 155, so I was pretty happy with 135×30.

    I am off on vacation for a week (Chris Mount is coming too), so you can be sure we will be doing crossfit workouts in the mountains all week. I’ll take video.

    1. Andy Smith, headache syndrome?

      Do you get headaches from workouts?
      I’ve struggled for most of my life with what I think are heat-induced headaches, didn’t know if you had a similar issue…

  3. Had PT with the DEPpers tonight but I didnt slack. My WOD Not for time but I gave it everything I had

    20 pull-ups
    400m run
    20 push-ups
    400m run
    20 sit-ups
    400m run
    20 monkey fuckers
    400m run
    20 burpees
    400m run
    20 hello dollies
    400m run
    20 lunges
    400m run

    Not a bad WOD. Don’t have the equipment to make it a true lumberjack but those guys aren’t up to par yet. They will get there If you guys have any ideas for my DEPpers please post them.

    Jeff well said. I have been facing this but it is easy to overlook them when I am an E-6 and they are not. haha but some people don’t have rank on their side.

  4. 15:02. I struggle with squat cleans so I am glad David had us do them instead of power cleans. I wasn’t glad before the workout but now I am.

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