8 thoughts on “Friday 22 January

  1. Enjoyed having class with Victor, Jeanette, Melissa, Russ, and Chris this morning. Everyone’s strength work before/after the WOD looked great. Back squat is the single best exercise for building total body strength. If you have a strong back squat then the smart money says you are strong everywhere in your body. Melissa and Jeannette: nice job of working through the back extensions together! BTW, we are currently in the process of purchasing more GHDs, so these WODs will not be bottlenecked as badly after next week.

    My WOD this morning:
    Back Squat
    245-275-275-275 (1 not full depth)- 275

    Gonna take the whole weekend as rest after an intense 3 days, albeit just 15 minute WODs and strength work, but intense nonetheless.

  2. Work gym…

    95# Power snatch/ Push-ups 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    –10:24 Rx’d

    Had a great rest day yesterday. Rest days seem to be just as rewarding after a painful WOD. Not going to be able to make it today, but hopefully I’ll be in class tomorrow(depending on my morning hunt)


  3. Well just so happens I came in early to work on back squat then saw it on the board.

    Prior to the WOD:

    Back Squat
    185×5-225×5-245×3-265×1(PR)(not full depth)-265×1(PR)(Full dept)-275×1(f)

    Did the WOD but subbed 175 singles since I don’t have double unders yet


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