Saturday 23 January

Team Workout:

Teams of two or more
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 kettlebell swings
400 air squats
1000 meter row

For time

Each exercise must be completed before moving on to the next workout.
For each additional member add 50 reps to each exercise and 500 meters to the row.
Trainer will choose the teams.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 23 January

  1. Marine Corps PFT today. 293 out of 300. 20 pullups 100 crunches and a 3mi run in 19:09. Now if I could only get that down to 18:00. Yalls workout sounded great. I wish I hadn’t missed it.

  2. This one was a lot of fun to watch and coach. The large team dynamic was really interesting. I think it worked out much better than small teams of 2 or 3. I also like that strategy plays a part. As Lisa joked, a mental workout is worth something too. I expect we’ll do this or something similar again next time main site has a rest day on a weekend.

    Hudson, nice job on the PFT. 287 is my PR. I once ran 19:57 on the run (PR), but only got something like 90 crunches that day (WTF?).

  3. This workout turned out to be a lot of fun… at least for me! I always enjoy team workouts and this one was great. Great job to team 2 for catching up towards the end… you guys were making us work harder 🙂 Hope I can participate in the next team wod we do 🙂

    Team 1
    Time: 34:50

    Great PFT Hudson! Keep up the good work!

    Rest Day for me today!!!

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