17 thoughts on “Monday 25 January

  1. Great class this morning. Was motivating to see everyone get familiar with thrusters, then start adding weight, then start adding weight and linking them. Victor, Jeannette, and Melissa will be ready to rock and roll next time heavy thrusters come around.

    After class I did the WOD as Rx’d.

    Time: 18:20

    Fastest row was 1:46.x. Slowest row was 1:58.x. Achieved my paltry goal of keeping all row intervals under 2:00. All thruster rounds were broken into 3-2-2, save the last round which was 2-2-3. For some reason my triceps took a real beating on this one.

  2. Still on crossfit on vacation . It was raining and these cabins have great places to hang rings.
    So we did 30 MUs for time:
    I completed 30 in 19:34 a new PR!
    Andy did 45 jumping pullups and the girls all did substitutions with 60 ring pullups and dips.

  3. Chris, I seem to remember you getting your first MU a couple weeks ago. Nice job on 30 for time. You’ll find that your time on that WOD will fall quickly as you get better and better at doing the MU efficiently (and confidently). On my first 30 MUs for time I think 10-20 was my fastest interval of 10 because I was still figuring out the best method. Your next try will probably be sub 15 minutes, even if you do it in a couple weeks.

  4. Chris,
    Nice job on muscle-ups! Way to keep after it. I do like the drive to work on vacation but you do know it’s okay to rest, right?

  5. 24:27
    Substituted rows for 50 Sumo deadlift high pulls using 51 lbs.
    Thrusters using 95 for first 2.5 rounds then lowered to 75 on remaining.

  6. Did Saturday’s WOD tonight. I was looking forward to it too. Until I ripped my hands open AGAIN after the first 60 pull-ups. Had to go to band assisted so I didn’t screw my hands up anymore.

    22:14. That was by far the worst workout I have done. Why is it the WOD’s seem to get worse the longer you stay with Crossfit?

    Way to go Andy and Chris for keeping up on working out even on vacation.

  7. Correction to my WOD. I did Sundays WOD not Saturday’s. The Deadlift/pull-ups WOD.

  8. 20:09 as Rx’d

    The rower ate my lunch again. I started strong for the first two rounds then I tanked. Oh, the thrusters didn’t get any easier following the row. Kudos to Hudson and Greg for finishing the heat strong and leaving me in the dust. Thanks to everyone for the support during this one! I needed the motivation.

    1. Forgot to mention…not all thrusters were perfect. As I got fatigued, I was pushing out front too much especially on numbers 6 & 7. Probably should have done a few over in hind sight.

  9. Overall, everyone did a great job today. I was especially pleased with Clark, Mike, Zan, and Shellie. Clark your sdhp’s were great and you really pushed through a really tough workout. Mike you constantly amaze me on your flexibility. Your thrusters were well pass parallel! Zan way to learn a thruster today and do a 125 of them 🙂 You did extremely well! Shellie way to ask for more even when your shoulder was hurting to the point that you could no longer do thrusters. Keep up the great work everyone!

    Rest day for me 🙂

  10. Hudson and Greg spanked my time. Michael and/or Scott might have got me as well, as I left before they finished.

  11. Didn’t do today’s WOD due to morning (all day) sickness. Trying to increase my protein intake to prevent this.
    Front Squat 3×5: 65-85-95-85-85
    Good job Hudson, David, Greg, and Scott. You guys are motivating to watch!

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