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  1. I’m coming up on 3 years of looking at the crossfit.com main site daily, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen 1RM bench press. Nice variation on CrossFit Total

  2. Had a lot of fun today… maybe too much fun and not enough hard work 🙂

    55 lb ohs (PR) by 10lbs
    85 lb clean (PR) by 5lbs
    95 lb bench press

    Thanks Jeff for all the coaching! Thank you Zan and Leah for all the support (literally) and cheering! I had a lot of fun working out with you all! I also got sucked in to watching Lisa kill this WOD. Great job to everyone in both classes!

  3. Squat Clean – 215 lbs (PR)
    Bench Press – 235 lbs
    OHS – 145 lbs (PR)

    Total = 595

    Had an awesome time working with Hudson and Micheal. Thanks for the support and motivation. Kudos to Jeff for an excellent job coaching tonight. He gave some really solid tips on the bench press and excellent cues during my OHS.

  4. Squat Clean 155 lbs. (PR)
    Bench Press 185 lbs. (PR) I guess since I never have maxed bench
    OHS 135 (PR)

    Very Happy with total but I didn’t catch David on any lift. Looks like I have some work to do.

  5. This was probably my favorite class I have ever coached. I am constantly amazed at the increases in strength and coordination that our athletes display every week. I have just as much fun coaching David through a heavy overhead squat PR as I do coaching Wendy through her first loaded attempt at OHS. Both of them and everybody in between leaves nothing in the tank. It’s almost like I can see the neuro-muscular coordination developing in real time. The ladies especially amaze me. The first time I tried OHS I attempted it with a 45 lb bar (stupid) at the UFC (stupid) and dumped it at the bottom (smart). Tonight Lisa and Christy made 45 lbs look like a warm-up. Was also fun to see the clean “click” with some people after a few attempts. Victor and Lori come to mind. Zan, Christina, and Leah were working so competently and so well in their group that I tried to not mess up their group dynamic by bothering them too much. Same with David, Michael, and Hudson and later Mike and Tristan. It’s nice to see athletes reference their log book and attack a lift with confidence like those guys. Was also great to get Steven in as a new addition to CFI. It appears he is going to fit right in. In sum, there’s not enough ways to say how much fun I had watching you guys work your asses off!

    My WOD:
    Bench Press: 185, 225, 245 (F), 235, 240
    Clean: 165, 190, 215, 225 (PR), 230 (PR)
    Overhead Squat: 135, 155, 165, 180 (PR)
    Total: 650 lbs

    Bench press PR is 265 lbs from the days of high school, creatine, and benching religiously every Monday. Given my overall physical condition now compared to then, and the fact we do bench press about 4 times per year, I’ll take 240 lbs. After 190 lbs on clean I turned around to face the flags for a little motivation. Pretty happy with a 15 lb increase on my old PR of 215 lbs. However, I am most proud of my OHS PR. After nursing a shoulder injury for 4 months I didn’t expect to get back to my old PR of 175 lbs. However, 165 lbs felt good, and I totalled my score to find I then had 635. I thought, “Hmm, 180 lbs will give me a 5 lb PR and a 650 lb total. It’s time to go big or go home.” As I began to sink down I lost my balance and almost dumped it. I stood back up, took a breath again, and began the slowest OHS descent of my life. When I hit parallel I paused just a moment and then stood it up. I captured it on camera to ensure I was parallel, and while I didn’t clean the floor with my ass, I’d call it legit for anyone else.

    Now I will continue icing everything from my nipples to my forehead. That is all.

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