11 thoughts on “Wednesday 27 January

  1. Good workout this morning. Way to get the AM juices flowing.


    last rep not at full depth. Have to keep working on that.

  2. 245-255-255-255-255-275PR

    First time WOD at CFI, thanks Christina for the excellent coaching.
    I was interested to try a 5/3/1 Squat Day. Had read a couple of Jim Wendler’s articles about the program but I’ve not tried it and had no idea how to game the weights. So…Started about 20lbs less than 5RM, did the 3’s as sets across which seemed to get easier with each set and then a 10# PR. I really like this programming, nice change from the usual 3×5, 5×5, 5-5-5-5-5.

  3. Dropped in for a WOD at CrossFit Huntsville today.

    15 Minute AMRAP
    15 Med Ball Cleans (20-lbs)
    20 Pushups
    25 Push press (45-lbs)

    5 rounds completed

    Kudos to Tracey for pushing me during this workout. I worked next to her and started chasing her after round 4 (I think?). I enjoyed meeting Josh and Jake. Thanks CFHSV for letting me drop-in.

  4. Last day of vacation. We did “JT”


    I got 5 HS pushups before going to scaled. Jumping pullups on most of the ring dips.

  5. 15:13 on “JT”

    Yesterday was “Rest” day and we hiked Rainbow Trail (Smoky Forest) 5 miles in awesome snow fall.

  6. 245-265-265-275-275 (x2, last rep fail)-290

    This turned out very interesting. I figured I would hit 300+ on the last rep, since my PR is 320. However, the 5 previous sets really took their toll on me, and I did good to stand up with 290. My fail at 275 was the first time I have ever been concerned about nailing my head as I dumped it forward. The bar was really low.

    Patrick, glad you dropped in with us.

    Andy, This Week in Tech pimped DailyBurn.com for about 30 seconds on their most recent episode. Leo and Jason Calicanis talked about how they love it and then discussed a couple of the features. Check out the last 10 minutes of the show if you want to hear it. Congrats.

  7. After reading Patrick’s comments here and on CrossFit Huntsville, I googled Jim Wendler. It turns out he’s written an entire book based on the progression of doing sets of 5-3-1 rather than sets across. He has done some extensive trials and writing on exactly how to use this progression, even across multiple weeks of periodization, and today’s WOD doesn’t follow it verbatim. However, I programmed this WOD last night without any knowledge of that. My rationale was that a tapered ladder of reps would allow the lifter to be more aggressive in adding weight because the decreasing reps would give a mental and physical advantage in completing the WOD. I suppose even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  8. Jeff,

    Wendler’s 5/3/1 program is based on a percentage of your one-rep max. It uses weekly progressions leading up to a max attempt, followed by a de-load week. For example week two is 70% of 1RM for 3 reps, 80% of 1RM for 3 reps, and 90% of 1RM for 3 or more reps. He actually recommends using 90% of your true one-rep max as your “max” when calculating the weights to use. It’s quite simple actually, and I have the e-book if you want to check it out sometime.

  9. Thanks for the info, Michael. I will try to borrow the e-book from you sometime.

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