8 thoughts on “Thursday 28 January

  1. Did the Snatch WOD:


    I hate snatch so it is a weakness I relly need to work on.

  2. Two good classes tonight. Our athletes continue improving in many areas such as strength, speed, coordination, and overall awareness of their bodies. It seems like someone (many times multiple) sets a PR for themselves each night. Mike was warming up with his previous PR in back squat tonight. Jordan came in and got a PR in snatch. Jakub got a PR in bench press (while making up the CF Total II WOD). Michael and Leah both PRed in back squat. Michael by 20-lbs. Those are the ones that come to mind. Everyone worked hard. I really enjoy witnessing life changing fitness everyday at CFI.

    Rest day for me.

  3. Did snatch WOD:


    Its been a while but I felt much better about my form today.

  4. Did the back squat:

    David, after further review I realized that I may have misread my log book on the PR gain, I believe I’m going
    from 125 to 160 rather than from 115 like I originally thought. Still, I’ll take 35lbs any day.

  5. Had fun working out with everyone today!


    Leah got me by 5lbs today 🙂 great job! Just means I need to work a little harder!

  6. Worked on snatch. I got up to 85 pounds today until I started getting shoulder pain. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday so hopefully I will be back at it soon.

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