9 thoughts on “Friday 29 January

  1. I just want to say Hi to everybody. I hope yall are bustin ass. I am still in Florida at umpire school. I cant wait to comeback and get some WODS in. I have about 2 weeks left.

    Josh Laurita

    1. Good to hear from you Josh. Hope things are going well for you in FL. We look forward to having you back.

  2. My score was 205.

    I did HS Pushups with two abmats. I got 19, which is 13 more than I have ever done so I am pretty pleased with that…

    Good to be back at the gym.

  3. Back Squat

    This was a difficult rep scheme for me. The one rep of 285 (10-lbs short of PR) was the most difficult back squat I can remember doing. I usually fail at the bottom when the load is too heavy. I grunted this one out slowly. My last 1RM PR of 295 several weeks ago came up faster than the 285 today. I was spent after this one.

  4. Ran the CFI 5k course in 22:30. First time running this course. I think I can do better next time just because of familiarity. The long downhill is a really good way to pick up time.

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