8 thoughts on “Saturday 30 January

  1. Did yesterday’s WOD at home:

    10 minutes Handstand push-ups
    5 minutes Squats
    2 minutes Pull-ups
    1 minute Push-ups

    100 HSPUs
    167 squats
    64 pullups
    40 pushups
    371 total

      1. Thanks, Hudson. I had the advantage of seeing you guys do it and knowing your numbers and some numbers from CFHSV. That helped me game the HSPUs and squats and know whether I was on track. I’m realizing on these workouts that knowing and understanding our bodies (our strengths, weaknesses, fatigue patterns, etc) can actually lead to increased power output. It’s very interesting to me that resting more often early in a 10 minute exercise can increase power output over the full 10 minutes.

  2. 22:14(s) used 75 lbs instead

    This was a horrible shoulder WOD. I will have to take tomorrow off if it has anything to do with shoulders. Good job to everyone pushing through this one.

  3. Used 31lbs and lowered the reps to 4 per round for each exercise.

    16:45 time
    Shoulders feel okay — not great, but okay. I think I scaled this okay maybe a little to lite or more reps.

    Rowed 250 before WOD 1:02 old PR

    Rowed 250 after WOD :59 (PR) by three seconds!

  4. 28:45, subbed 65lbs.

    Snatch balance was horrible on shoulders due to wide grip. Going from locked out back to my back was the hardest part of this workout for me because of the shoulders.

    Fun though, I am tired.

  5. 29:45 (31#) I’m already feeling this one. Not a good sign. I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day but I’m going to have to do something to get my shoulders moving again.

  6. 21:18, scaled to 31lbs.
    I attempted this one as Rx’d but started failing on the first round…so I went back down in weight. My shoulders are shot! Gotta work for a buddy tomorrow so I’m gonna take a rest day.

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