Sunday 31 January

Partner Workout:

A 500 m row will be used as the work time interval.  While P1 rows 500 m, P2 will work for max reps of a movement.  When P1 has completed the row, you will rotate.  P2 is now rowing while P1 is working for max reps of the movement.  After each partner has rowed 500 m, you will move to the next movement.  Keep this rotation/pattern for three movements.   Movements are as follows:

Box jumps for max reps (24″/18″)

Burpees for max reps

Kettlebell Swings for max reps (53-lb/26-lb)

The score will be the sum of reps for each movement.  It is up to your partner to keep up with reps and communicate them to you at rotation.  In addition, there will be a time penalty.  Your total will be deducted a point for each minute it takes to complete the WOD.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 31 January

  1. Don’t know what mine and Wendy’s score was but the WOD was fun. This one was a lot harder than it looked. Everyone did great today and really pushed through some hard spots.

    Melissa don’t worry about losing your cookies. You won’t be the first I promise and you won’t be the last either.

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