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  1. Love the picture and the comment below it. This neds to go to main site.

    My WOD:

  2. Rest day for me. Enjoyed Fundamentals 2 with everyone. Also enjoyed hanging out and assembling the GHD during class while Christina coached. I think with two straight days of non-timed workouts we may be in for a killer tomorrow…something the likes of Eva or the Filthy Fifty.

  3. Something is going on over at Facebook so I’m posting here.

    DL 5-5-5-5-5-5-5

    The 305 was 3 in a row followed by 1-1 so technically not a 5RM, but a 3RM for me.

    Warm up: 3 quick rounds of 10 push ups, 10 ghd, 10 air squats followed by max rep DU: 68 (not a pr but I felt great, will try to go for pr maybe tomorrow) and max rep pull ups: 34 (either pr or tied pr, seemed slow, wanted 35)

    Strength/Skill after: 5 c&j 135# x 3 rounds

  4. WOD: 115-115-125-125-135-155-165

    Had a clinical today so I had to do this one at the fire department gym tonight. The last set of 5 were really ugly. My back feels so weak. I have a long way to go to get back to where i used to be on DLs. Im working on it though. Practiced a few DUs tonight too…it sucked again. I think I linked 6 before giving up. If I get any more welps on my arms and legs someone is going to try to book Zan on a domestic abuse charge 🙂 The hand print is still there by the way….

  5. Great class today. I have to give a shout out to Leah and Zan for coming this morning! Leah has consistently impressed me with her form. Great job today ladies!

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