9 thoughts on “Sunday 7 February

  1. 17:48 Rx. Really uncomfortable workout. My back was cramped by the end. Everyone did great today. Lots of effort from everyone.

  2. Rest Day for me but I was in the box and did get my first jumping muscle up and then got about 7 more. Give it time and I will have a muscle up no problem.

  3. 23:26 Rx’d

    I miss working out with the class, but when it’s a GHD WOD I try to workout before or after so I don’t take a GHD from someone else. Hope I can get integrated with the class some more this week, because apparently if I don’t my goofy ass just won’t move as quickly. Enjoyed hanging out with everyone today. Congrats to our latest Fundamentals class for graduating today. Now we have 9 more athletes to watch out for on the leaderboard.

  4. 22:39. Scaled the WOD with abmat sit-ups in place of GHD and superman’s for hip extensions…my knees didn’t exactly make it to my elows for the knees to elbows, but i feel like those types of movments will really help me get that kipping pull-up that i still can’t do 🙂 its a working progress! The rest was Rx’d with Reps and 61lb stiff leg deadlifts. enjoyed it a lot, everyone did awesome…im exhausted!

  5. Enjoyed working out, teaching fundamentals, and then watching the WOD today.

    Did the WOD Rx, however, my knees to elbows were not to standard. I went as far as I could… more like knees to arm pits for me 🙂 Everything else was as RX.

    Time 27:02

  6. Great wrap-up to Fundamentals class today. Congrats to team 2 for handing us our asses on the group workout! And thanks to David, Jeff, and Christina for a great class. Watched a lot of instructional videos on the main site, but still learned a lot of technique in the class. Looking forward to putting it to good use! I won’t be able to join you guys on a WOD for the next 2 weeks, but will see you later this month!

  7. I had a great time with the Fundamentals class and the regular daily class today. Congrats to everyone in the Fundamentals class for completing the series. You all were fun. I really liked what I saw in the team workout at the end of the class today. Everyone was really into it and working hard.

    Hudson absolutely killed “Stephen”. He made the knees to elbows look easy. Everyone else worked hard as well. Great class today. Oh, and thanks for your patience at the beginning of class.

    I did a scaled “Stephen”. I subbed half range of motion GHD situps due to some low back issues on the GHD machine. For some reason it really puts a lot of pressure on my low back. I haven’t noticed this until recently. I don’t think I have changed anything but there is a difference. Everything else was Rx’d. My knees to elbows probably weren’t all perfect either. My time was 24:04.

  8. 25:12. Did ab mat situps for GHDs, did supermans for hip extensions.

    PR on 500m row – 1:34, but I’ll be back to get an official 1:32 next time 🙂

  9. 25:55 Rx’d
    Tough workout but still fun in hindsight. The knees to elbows was the toughest for me. I could link about the first 5, but after that it was one at a time. Thanks to Jeff and Hudson for the encouragement towards the end.

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