Friday 19 February

Five rounds for max reps of:
2/3 Body weight thruster

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Or if your shoulders are exhausted from recent WODs, you may choose this alternative workout:

For time:

400m run w/ kettlebell (1 1/2 pood -male, 1 pood -female)

then 21-15-9

Virtual shoveling (45 lb bumper -male, 25 lb bumper -female)

Inverted hang



400m run w/ kettlebell

During virtual shoveling the bumper is loaded onto one end of an olympic bar and must clear a medicine ball on top of a 45 lb bumper. Weight must touch floor on other side of ball and be brought back to beginning position to count as one. Scaled double-unders are singles at 4x the reps for each round.

10 thoughts on “Friday 19 February

  1. I hear that Melissa F. got her first kipping pullup this morning. That’s an incredible milestone! Stories like that make me wish I could be at every class.

    I Ran 3.9 mi this morning. Untimed. Worked on POSE running form and just chilled out. Actually, I literally chilled out, because the temp was 26 F when I began and 32 F when I finished. I’m unsure if my Sketchers athletic shoes are good for running. They have a very small heel (about 1/3 of my Brooks Axiom running shoes) which I thought would make them better for POSE. I am certainly able to POSE better, but they seem to have a much harder sole, and the impacts are affecting me significantly. I have a little soreness in my left knee and a lot of soreness in my right groin, which has never happened before. Oh well, another lesson learned in this experiment of fitness where I am the guinea pig.

  2. Took on “Tabata this” on my lunch break today…

    Subbed SDHP at 45 Pounds for row and did strict pull ups: 10 SDHP (don’t know how many calories)+ 10+4+7+10=31

    Hopefully will be at 6:15 class today as well.

  3. Good 5:30 am class today. Everyone choose the thruster WOD. As usual, everyone worked hard.

    Following the WOD, I looked back at the pull-up station to see Melissa F. hanging from the bar without a band and a look of determination on her face. I said, “Are you going to try a pull-up?” She replied, “Yeah”. Then, she knocked out her first official unassisted pull-up. I could tell she had more in her so I talked her into trying again a few minutes later. She then got five consecutive pull-ups without coming off the bar. Kudos to Melissa F. for claiming second on the female leader board under consecutive pull-ups!

  4. Thrusters at 95 lb. and pullups

    Rounds and reps:
    1. 8-10
    2. 7-10
    3. 7-9
    4. 7-7
    5. 10-7

    Still wanting to come up on my toes with the thrusters, used to everything being about getting up on your toes from previous training. Hips were tired from running last night, did a CrossFit Endurance workout of 1.5 miles, 80% first half, 90% second half. Finished it in just over 10 minutes.

    Great to see Melissa do her first pull-up and several more unassisted this morning. David should have gotten a video to show her husband at the dinner tomorrow night. 😉

  5. Did the first workout.

    Hands are shot. Taped up right now as a matter of fact but glad my pullups went up as I continued. Left a lot of DNA and skin around the box. Thanks Jeff and Christina for pushing me through this one. It was rather rough by myself but still excelled.

  6. Weird Shit 27:14 as rx’d with single jumps. Leah kicked my butt on both of the runs!

    1. correction on time 28:14 — I am surprised Leah has not called me out on this yet 😉

  7. Kudos to Michael today for doing “Tabata This!” at lunchtime and then crushing “weird shit” at 5:00.

    I did the thrusters and pullup WOD with 110 lb thrusters and dead hang pullups. Totalled 142 reps, IIRC. First thruster/pullup round was 19/26. Thanks for the concern, Hudson. I was definitely wondering if that was an injury that would affect my performance or knock me out of sectionals, but luckily it’s nowhere near that severe. It subsided over the course of a day. Just some weird muscle soreness. Par for the course.

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