Saturday 20 February

Team WOD:

For 20 minutes you will rotate between the following stations:

400m run


Wall Ball (m: 14 lb, f: 6 lb)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (m: 85 lb, f: 41 lb)


Each team will start with one person at each station (including the rest station). This accommodates teams of five athletes or less. If teams of more than five athletes are necessary then additional exercises will be added to the rotation. When the WOD begins every athlete begins working, except the athlete at the rest station. The athlete performing the 400m run determines how long each person will work. When they finish the run they tag into the rest station. The person from the rest station then tags into the wall ball station and picks up counting where the last wall-ball athlete left off (communication is necessary between the two tagging athletes). The wall-ball athlete then tags into the SDHP station and picks up counting where the SDHP athlete left off (once again, communication is necessary). This repeats until all athletes have tagged into a new station and the next 400m run athlete begins the run. This cycle repeats until 20 minutes have elapsed. At that time the last athlete to perform wall-ball, SDHP, and burpees for each team will report the total reps done at that station for the team. The sum of these three stations is the team score. Highest score wins. It pays to be a winner.

“Learning the Muscle-up” with Jason Khalipa, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

7 thoughts on “Saturday 20 February

  1. This was a fun WOD today. Andy and I made a great team! He’s crazy tall, so he killed the wall-ball shots. I’m alot closer to the ground, so the burpees were easier for me. We got a total of 439 reps. Great work Andy!

  2. Total=193

    The first round of wall balls was okay, but the second round was tough. I tried to make up reps with the SDHP which went well. I rested when I absolutely needed to and tried to just keep a rhythm with my count. Subbed equal amounts of pushups/jumping jacks for the burpees. Was completely exhausted at the end.

  3. Congrats to Melissa for once again proving that pregnant women can kick my ass on a regular bases 🙂 Jordan and Andy congrats on the win today! Scott and I both struggled on wall balls — Scott on depth of squat and I struggle with getting that damn ball on the blue line! I had a great time and this workout was a lot of fun! Thanks Jeff for the quick programing! Our team got 392!

  4. Good team WOD today. Hell of a job from everyone, especially Melissa. Congrats to Andy and Jordan for taking #1. Sticker looks good on Andy’s SUV 🙂

  5. Leah, it is now 15 minutes after midnight, Christina is preparing for bed, and I am about to tell her that you’re already bringing it. Nice.

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