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    1. Had a great time last night! Cannot wait to the next time!

      Rest Day for me today

      1. I like how Hudson is trying to dodge the sniper that was trying to get him all night 🙂

  1. Time: 29:14
    I subbed using inverted ring HSPUs on a 24″ box with a few bumper weights on it. I tried to do L-pull-ups from the start but quickly went to tuck pull-ups. I found out today that this WOD is not impossible, as was the consensus this AM when I read it. I did find out however that it would be extremely hard to do as RX’d, and if anyone can they must be a beast! (or an olympic gymnast) David might be able to if his shoulder wasn’t so messed up…he pumped out quite a few before the WOD. Hudson did the same and actually attempted it as RX’d for the first round or so. That was impressive! I managed one while we were playn around, but then I got stuck at the bottom of the push-up from then on out. This was a fun WOD and with beautiful weather to go with it! Good job everyone!

  2. It as a great day for CrossFit. The roll up down was unlocked and opened first thing when I arrived this afternoon. As Jordan mentioned in her post, we found that “Garrett” is not impossible. After some experimenting on the rings with ring HSPUs we found that they are doable. The difficult part is getting into the handstand on rings. We found this has to be a slow control process. The best way (Hudson’s suggestion) was to start in an L-sit on the rings and slowly transition into the handstand. Last night when I found out the WOD, I was thinking it was impossible but now I believe there are many people that could do this one Rx’d. You need good HSPU capacity and some practice with the rings. We had a good class this afternoon. We all learned something new. Nice work from Hudson, Leah, Jordan, Melissa and Zan! Zan increased her range of motion on HSPUs and did some pullups with the blue band today. Melissa linked two pullups.

    I have decided to take an extended rest period (several weeks) from intense shoulder work. So I did the following workout:

    3 rounds for time:
    800m run
    Deadlift; 10 reps (225 lb)
    24″ box jumps; 15 reps
    GHD situps; 20 reps

    Time: 22:57

  3. David, that looks like a long, difficult WOD you programmed for yourself. After reading this thread and talking with you I intend to try the ring HSPUs tomorrow morning. Would be nice to find that I can perform Garrett as Rx’d, even if it takes an hour.

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