Sunday 28 February

Ten Athletes Perform Air Squats at CrossFit Impulse

Skill Work, Pick Two:

Muscle Ups- 25 minutes. If you are close to a muscle-up, identify and work on your sticking point. If you are not close to a muscle-up, learn the false grip and work on jumping muscle-ups, moving the rings progressively higher until you can no longer get above the rings. Then lower the rings and practice the ring dip portion separately. Video for review: “Learning the Muscle-up” with Jason Khalipa, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Double Unders- 25 minutes. If you have consecutive DUs, work on linking sets of them. Start at 10, 20, 50, or whatever linked set is challenging. Try to improve your best number of linked DUs, or at least perform ~200 DUs. If you have a DU, but not linked DUs, practice them with singles inbetween. Start with 1 DU after every 5th single. Progressively eliminate the single skips until you are doing DUs with only 1 single inbetween. After this, try to link consecutive DUs. Finally, if you do not have a DU, attempt them with exaggerated jumps until you “feel” what the DU should feel like. Work on spinning the rope quickly, and starting the accelerated portion of the swing at the right time. Video for review: Double-Unders (Brendan Gilliam demo) [wmv][mov]

Kipping Pullup -25 minutes. If you can already link kipping pullups, work on the butterfly kip. If you have kipping pullups but cannot link them, work on linking them. Focus on pushing away from the bar at the top of the pullup. If you cannot kip your pullups, use the progression of standing on a box and learning the hip-swinging motion, transitioning into a jumping pullup, and finally adding the push away from the bar at top. Try it without the box. Use a band if necessary. Videos for review:

Kipping Pullup Concepts [ wmv].

Youtube Butterfly Kip Tutorial

Kipping Pullups, Step 1 [wmv][mov]
Kipping Pullups, Step 2 [wmv][mov]
Kipping Pullups, Step 3 [wmv][mov]
Kipping Pullups, Step 4 [wmv][mov]

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  1. Congrats on your first muscle up Andy!

    I worked on double unders and handstands on the parallettes in between a deadlift 1-1-1-1-1. Deadlift loads were 275-295-315-335 (PR by 20 lbs)-345 (f). I didn’t have 345 in me. I felt my back going and stopped. I am happy with a PR regardless.

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