7 thoughts on “Monday 29 February

  1. Re: the WOD picture: Apparently Chris is such a beast that he must be restrained in any way possible.

    Good morning class today with Russell and Melissa F. This is a tough WOD, even scaled.

    My WOD:
    [Old Greg] I call this one “Fran, but with box jumps.” [/Old Greg]
    95 lb thrusters
    24″ box jumps
    Time: 5:32

    War Frank was not right for my tapering strategy leading up to Sectionals. At this point you can’t benefit from breaking down muscle tissue. You need to focus on making sure your tissue is 100% repaired while keeping neuromuscular pathways and ensuring your body doesn’t forget how to push its intensity. At least, that’s my opinion. I’ve been wrong before. I would love to grind through this one as a test of will like I did Garrett, as the 75 total muscle ups would be quite a challenge. Maybe later on in March.

  2. Had to use the “Scale 2” version Jeff provided this morning.
    Time: 42:03.
    NOTE: On the 2nd round went to blue-band assist on pull-ups after 20 reps, could only do 1-2 pull-ups at a time unassisted.

    Being a hero workout it was rough even scaled. My pull-ups felt tired overall even from the beginning. Did a lot of painting this past weekend, not sure if that contributed or just the fact that my shoulders seem to be my biggest weakness right now.

    Enjoyed the hard workout. Really gives you a confidence boost when you complete a workout like this before breakfast.

  3. Did “old Greg” 5:12. this is actually a 36 sec pr compared to Fran. I figured it would be slower than fran since both movements involve leg power but was surprised at how fast it was over. Everyone did great tonight. Cool to see Charlie and Chris power through 45 muscle ups each.

  4. First time back in about a week and a half and it felt awesome. Missed the pain and the torture. Great workout today.
    Scale 2
    35 pull-ups (green band
    35 box dips
    65 air squats
    20 GHDs
    Time 28.48
    I’m going to pay for that tomorrow. Nice seeing everyone again!

  5. Went Scale 1 with jumping MU’s and 65 Squats and 20 GHD. Good workout overall. 25:30 I think is what I heard Christina saying over and over again. At least thats what I wrote down so it was right in there.

    It’s good to be back in the box. I missed it.

  6. Good classes all around today! Was happy to see everyone pushing through a tough workout today!

  7. Really enjoyed the workout, did scale 1, ( 15 MU, 65 squats, 20 GHD’s) x3 in 35:31. I again appreciate the encouraging yelling from everyone.

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