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  1. While I didn’t actually mean to name my WOD yesterday “Old Greg,” it’s sufficiently funny that I think I’ll keep it after Hudson suggested it in yesterday’s thread. And speaking of Old Greg, in this pic it looks like he dealt with Hudson the same way he dealt with Curly Jefferson!

  2. I planned to rest today, especially after the shock my body received from War Frank. But I can’t pass up a running WOD. Running is the one area I have confidence in right now. Are we finally going to add a block on the leaderboard for a 400m run? 🙂
    I’ll be there this evening, just not sure what time…

  3. Bailey’s….creamy. I should be there this afternoon w/ my track shoes laced.

  4. Russell, I am opposite! I hate running, which is why I will be there tonight!

    Also, big personal fitness accomplishment: I hit my pre-wedding weight for the first time in 10 years thanks to paleo/crossfit/zone. Check out progress since joining CFI:


  5. Andy, that is awesome! I am proud for you man. Keep up the hard work!

  6. Andy, that is some awesome progress. Congrats.

    I did 4 rounds as part of my tapering strategy for the games this weekend. 10:06. Afterwards I performed a 1-Christina Turkish getup, which I have been working towards for quite a while. I crashed on the final part of the downstroke, but I was only planning the standup portion, so I’ll consider this a success. I had a good time running with everyone at the 5:00. Like Andy, I hate sprints with a passion. A 400m run is like a 500m row. It’s short enough that I can make life suck pretty badly for myself because I know the end is coming soon, but it’s long enough that the mega-suck persists for a little too long to be comfortable.

  7. 26:12 — pretty interesting workout. Just when you thought you could not go any further you got to rest, and once you started to feel normal you had to start running again. Andy awesome news!

  8. was not looking forward to running in the cold, but to my surprise it didn’t feel that cold…well, after the first run anyways, cause then your pretty much numb to everything! 25:04

  9. Congrats Andy. Keep up the hard work

    23:52 for me total. I was surprised when I saw my splits. I kept this on my watch. But my first and last where the same so I guess I really pushed myself there at the end. Fun WOD.

  10. Everyone did awesome tonight! Congrats!

    My PR was 31:11

    Running is definitely my weakness; but round 8, I really pushed it out and felt like I was going to vomit when I ran into the gym. Yenette was in front of me the entire WOD until the very end, I just couldn’t have her beat me… so it was all or nothing! =D Great night! Watch out Christina! I’m coming after your PR… very slowly. haha! 😉

  11. This workout was harder than I thought it would be. But I love running so this was a awesome workout in my opinion. Finished in 24:45. Huffed and puffed the whole way. Calves were killing me from the double under practice on Sunday. But it didn’t really hinder me any. Was awesome how everyone ran the final lap of the night together for extra encouragement. That’s why I love CrossFit.

  12. 500m row. 1:31.7. Not what I was hoping for. Possibly due to the devastation of Old Greg. Possibly Im just a wimp today. Resting the next couple days to prepare for games.

    Awesome results Andy

  13. did this one on a treadmill (just a bit too cold for me out there today)…28:43…I actually think I would’ve been a lot slower without a treadmill to force me to keep pace. I’ve always liked treadmills better than running outside for that reason. I never seem to push myself enough running outside, or I end up pushing myself too hard at some point so that I’m dead for the rest. good job everybody!

    way to go Andy! that’s awesome man.

  14. As I suspected, everyone made it through the warm up fine. I enjoy seeing people try something for the first time, struggle a little, and then nail it. This happened for a few tonight while doing the pistols and frog stands in the warm-up. Everyone braved the cold and worked hard on the workout. We finished the night up with the entire 6:15 class running the last leg with Angie and Yaneth. It was a great way to finish the night.

    Congrats to Jeff for his accomplishment of performing a Turkish getup with Christina! I knew you would get it soon!

  15. I always curse your dastardly warmups, and my body always silently thanks you when I complete the WOD injury-free.

  16. 8x 400m run with 90s rest between each interval is no joke.

    Total Time: 22:11
    Splits: 1:11 – 1:25 – 1:30 – 1:28 – 1:40 – 1:35 – 1:25 – 1:24

    GPS and heart rate data here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/26031917

    At the linked page, click on the heart rate tab towards the bottom, I thought it was interesting to see that my HR during the rest periods got lower between each interval except for the rest period after the 7th interval. I must have been pushing myself pretty hard for that 7th interval, I stopped the watch after the 8th interval. Would have been interesting to see what my HR would have gotten down to after the 8th interval.

    Great to see people pushing it for this workout and the encouragement I got from others. Need more of these interval runs to prep for the Cotton Row 10km run and other races.

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