11 thoughts on “Friday 26 March

  1. Gold (100 pull-ups *band assist and 100 ring dips *modified)

    I was excited to see snatch until I noticed that it was for Thursday workouts.

    Can we get a Tuesday or Thursday early workout? David will probably say, “NO!”

  2. Ran 3.9 miles this morning, purposefully untimed, to keep me from trying to PR. After about 2 miles I did some interval sprinting between electrical poles. Did somewhere between 8-10 sprints of 40-70 meters with regular pace running inbetween. Looking forward to MUs this afternoon.

  3. Went with the Gold scale, blue-band assisted pullups and ring dips.

    Did 10 sets of 10. Got tired on the ring dips pretty quickly and had use my feet to give me a push off.

    Finished in 17:16 (pretty sure it was around that time, forgot to write down my time before I left).

  4. 1000m row
    7 miles stationary bike
    60 ring pull ups 60 dips (modified) (18:29)
    500m row

    I got completely shown up by the ft hood fire department 14 min for the 120/100 mainsite WOD hahaha

  5. Did Bronze scaling in 20sets of 3reps. I attempted the pull-ups without the band. I managed the first 15 and it was either go to even shorter sets or switch to the blue band. I chose the blue band. Next time this comes around I hope to do all of the bronze without the band. Time was 12:32. And I have two very nice shiny spots on my left hand where I scraped and ripped the skin off. It is funny how it barely hurt when I did it.

  6. Nice work by everyone tonight on this one. Congrats to those who got PRs for this WOD and to those who completed it as Rx’d for the first time. Great work on the scaled versions with pull-ups and dips too. That combo gets difficult quick!

    Kudos to Jordan for performing a WOD she programmed for your self with tire pulls, tire flips, and sledge hammer swings (hitting a tire) with her entire firefighter suit on. Very impressive performance with the gear on. I respect her for the dedication and hard work she puts towards being a firefighter. I would definitely feel good about the fire engine rolling up at my house with someone like her on it! Great job, Jordan!

    Following the 6:15 class, I decided to give the 30 muscle-ups a shot. I have never done this one before due to lack of access to rings and then shoulder surgery. I didn’t know how it was going to go but I was able to complete the entire 30 reps. My time was 16:02. Thanks to Jordan, Daniel, Zan and Yaneth for sticking around to support me on a Friday night. That’s just what CrossFitters do!

  7. I didn’t do MU’s today, I’m gonna wait till I get an MRI before I do this WOD.

    5 rounds for time:
    -25m tire pull
    -25m tire flip
    -15x sledgehammer swings

    Time: 33:00
    I was really kicking myself for comming up with such a crazy workout after about the 2nd round! I need to do more WODs like this in my gear because it was a real fight not to listen to my mind that was telling me I was suffocating. There were only brief moments that I felt comfortable in my mask. I think I’m gonna do 3 rounds, try to controle my breathing, and not take so many breaks next time I do this WOD. All in all it was a good start to my FFCC training.

  8. 26:25 for 120 PU/120 ring dips. The ring dips were definitely a struggle even doing 12 rounds of 10. Thanks to Lisa and David for keeping me going!

  9. 7:50, Rx’d (PR)

    Wish I could have stuck around to see Jordan’s insane WOD and David’s innaugural 30 MUs. Kudos to Hudson for a killer time on this one.

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