Tuesday 13 April

Kelley performing snatch balance

30 minute partner AMRAP:

200m run

Wall-ball shots (M:20-lbs/F:10-lbs)


Box jumps (24″/18″)

This is a partner AMRAP.  Your work interval for the movements is the time it takes your partner to run 200m.  For example, P1 runs 200m while P2 performs as many wall-ball shots as possible.  P1 will tag out with P2, now P2 runs while P1 does as many reps of wall-ball shots as possible in during the time it takes P2 to run 200m.  Repeat this pattern for all three movements and then start over until the 30 minute time has elapsed.  Your score will be total number of reps completed in 30 minutes.  It is important to communicate reps to your partners.  A trainer will assign partners.

“Why Do I CrossFit?” with Ben Lunak, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

13 thoughts on “Tuesday 13 April

  1. My first workout after Fundamentals last weekend. Wow. Definately highlighted some “needs improvement” areas of my fitness. Thanks for carrying the team Jordan. You rock!

  2. Had a good time running this one before class with Hudson. Zan asked me after class how Hudson and I scored so well, and I didn’t really have a good answer. I still don’t know, but I’m glad that I got to use Hudson’s work capacity on his first run of the WOD. Greg B. had to settle for sloppy seconds, which were still impressive 🙂

    We don’t often do 30 minute AMRAPs with no rest, so I was really proud of everyone for tackling it with confidence and keeping the competition so close. Congrats to Andrew and Michael for taking top score, and to Patrick and Zan who scored near the top and did prescribed movements with impeccable form and range of motion on every rep.

    At least we get a light metcon tomorrow…oh…wait…

  3. Again thanks David. And also it’s no fair you had three people working. We all know little Hudson helped out a lot.

    Me and Grant did 440. Fun WOD overall but now we have the 50 tomorrow. This should be interesting overall. Good work everyone and to everyone who is new. Welcome aboard.

  4. 470 Reps, with my savage partner Brittany. Great job, lady.

    Really enjoyed entering the 30 minute domain. Has been an interesting week with this, and the heavy front squats couple of days ago. And Im loving it. Keep it coming.

  5. Team Patrick/Zan managed 593 rx’d. Wallballs were a killer. Fun program though!

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