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  1. Everybody worked hard this morning, but Melissa F. absolutely killed it with a time of 10:xx. I’m looking forward to doing this with the class this evening. This morning I did 5×5 back squat and bench press. I alternated movements and rested only enough time to leisurely write my load on the board after each movement (probably about 60 seconds). Did 185 lb across on bench press and 225 lb across on back squat. I widened my back squat stance more like a powerlifter. I think if you have the flexibility to reach full depth with an ultra wide stance that this might increase stability. I plan to continue to play with this. Interested to hear what you guys think if you’ve tried it.

  2. I have played around with the wider stance. Me and a friend were just talking yesterday about wide stance “power lifter style” back squats. He had mentioned how it really brings the adductors into play with the wide stance. For me, personally, I really have to focus on keeping my knees from bowing in with a wide stance. He was telling me about how he has been doing wide stance heavy box squats a lot for the past 2 months….without doing any deadlifting that entire time. After the 2 months, he deadlifted and pr’d by 25 pounds. From 400 to 425. Said he could have deadlifted more, but his grip gave out as he was pulling the bar up his shins. I have read how wide stance squats transfers greatly to other lifts. Im wanting to start doing some wide stance box squats after my workouts to see how it helps me on my other lifts.

  3. Finished this in 11:22.

    They should title this one “Leg Burn”.
    Legs felt ok until the second round on the lunges then I could tell this was gonna burn.

    Melissa is a speed demon on the squats. I caught up to her on the last round on the lunges and maybe got a 0.5 second head start on the squats. I hit rep 30, she was done with rep 50. Crazy…

    This WOD was harder than I thought it would be. All leg/lower body work so you really hit just a few muscle groups and going as hard as you can for several minutes adds up to a nice burn in your leg muscles.

    Squats were the worst for me overall, with the lunges getting much harder the second and third rounds. The lunges felt like I was losing coordination with my legs over the second and third rounds, had to work harder mentally to keep my form and complete the movement correctly. Back extensions got harder each round, of course, but seemed to not be the worst part of this WOD, maybe because of the fewer reps.

  4. 7:55

    When the GHD got backed up on round 2 I did 20 ft of my last round of walking lunges, then jumped on the GHD when one opened up, and then continued where I left off with walking lunges. With that exception, it was as Rx’d. As Russell pointed out, this was a fast, intense leg and lower back burn. Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. Will probably be something fun since I’m resting…

  5. 9:33 Rx’d

    Wow, was not expecting to barely be able to walk from station to station during this WOD. Thats about as wobble legged as I’ve ever been. The squats are where I spent most of my time. Lunges were surprisingly easier than expected (but not easy). Was able to do the back extensions unbroken each round. But those rotten air squats just killed me. Overall, Im happy with my time.

  6. 8:32 Rx. serious leg burner. Had to wait a few seconds for the GHD but not too bad.

    Thanks to everyone for bearing with me on my first time teaching. I really enjoyed it. I would welcome any suggestions that could help me improve.

    1. You did a great job as trainer tonight, Hudson. I know your looking for constructive criticism, but dang man, you did good. You were knowledgeable about all movements in the WOD and the warmup. You explained it well, and took questions at the end, you made the call on how many heats to run and how to space each heat out. Cant ask for more than that. Good job, bro.

  7. 9:42 Rx. But that includes a few minutes waiting for a the GHD. This was a cyclist-friendly workout.

  8. 8:41 Rx’d

    I was trying to keep up with Jordan but I noticed come round two that wasn’t gonna happen. She killed this shit.Was very surprised at my time. I saw the time on the board and was shooting for mid 9 but Hudson pushed me to complete this one in sub nine. It was an awesome feeling to almost beat my goal by 1 min. All in all my legs where on fire the entire time and they will be sore tomorrow. Hope it’s not something like deadlift. Good job everyone for pushing through this beast.

  9. 10:22 Rx’d — wish I had longer legs on this one 😉 Walking lunges killed me… great job Zan for passing me on the last round. I’ll try and get you next time 🙂

  10. Good 5:00 class. Thanks for you patience/understanding on the GHDs. Not sure if 2 minute delay was the best but you all got through it, regardless. Kudos to Ginga for doing her first as Rx’d WOD! Great job to everyone else for sprinting through this one!

    I decided to work in some box squats during the 6:15 class while Hudson was leading the class. I haven’t done any type of back squats for over a month since my shoulders gave me trouble. I am still having a sufficient amount of discomfort in the back squat position (and no this is not discomfort that I should work through). I am not sure what’s going on. I plan to ease back into back squats and continue to work on shoulder mobility. This is extremely frustrating because I enjoy back squats and want to improve them. My load for box squats went 185-195-205-205-205-205 for sets of 2 reps until shoulder pain became a factor. Oh, and I linked 72 (PR) double-unders while fooling around between classes.

  11. Time: 8:10
    it’s a strange feeling when your legs just say “F it, I’m done!” I tried my best to do the entire WOD unbroken but I had to go to sets of three or five on the last round of air squats. Walking is going to be interesting tomorrow. Great job on teaching today Hudson!

  12. Way to go Ginga on your first Rx’d WOD! I noticed you were killing the squats.

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