Tuesday 20 April

Squats and walking lunges

Clean one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

Tommy Hackenbruck 335/275lbs, Ben Crook 305/275lbs, Miranda Oldroyd 185/165lbs, Taz Venter 165/145lbs.

Post highest and lowest reps to comments.

“Data Driven” by CrossFit Again Faster, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Miranda, Tommy and Ben doing today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Highlights from Day 2 of the Northern California Sectionals – video [wmv] [mov]

15 thoughts on “Tuesday 20 April

  1. Is anyone else still having trouble walking today? My legs are trashed!

      1. Yeah, my quads and glutes are wobbly. They are just really fatigued right now….the pain will set in really well by tomorrow morning.

  2. 210/185. 210 is a squat clean PR. Should have gone higher sooner. Fatigue started becoming a factor before I got high enough. Jeff’s drills on getting under the bar seemed to help alot.

  3. 165/155

    My midget hamstrings didnt allow me to stand up with any more weight than that.

  4. 155/185 Not what I wanted. Lots of speed and coordination issues. Tried 195 but it was a powerclean and a front squat. Oh well. Jeff and David’s instruction helped a ton. Thanks.

  5. 185/145
    Goodwork everyone. I heard a lot of PR’s including myself. David way to go and as well all know mental mind games fuck with a lot of us on these lifts. A PR is a PR so you did fine.

  6. Nice job on really pushing it today. Saw lots of people dropping loads at the bottom of the squat and failing backwards, which means you were pushing yourself to the limit. The ability to get underneath a heavy load with strength, coordination, and speed is a very functional movement.

    BTW, my legs and ass are sore to the touch from yesterday. I feel like someone beat me with one of the 11 lb training bars.

  7. 220/185

    Just couldn’t commit to getting under 225-lbs. I tried several times and it wasn’t happening today. However, 220 is a PR by 5-lbs. The mental game won the fight today.

  8. 150/115 PR. Still feeling my way around my squat clean technique. Feel like I made some improvements with my form and leg spacing. Didn’t really have a solid PR prior to today, so 150 will be my starting point for the future. Enjoyed the workout atmosphere!

  9. 195/175

    I tried 200 8 times, but couldn’t get it. I could get under it, just couldn’t squat it up.

    Fun WOD. I really line squat cleans. It might sound weird, but that movement feels so pure to me.

    Nice work everyone.

  10. Good workout. I enjoyed working on this move. I maxed out at 150. I hope to do much better next time.

  11. 100/65
    Had a lot of fun working with Leah on this one! Struggled with catch the weight on at the bottom. I got 100lbs once in what felt like a good squat clean. Next time I ended up coming up with the weight and then front squatting it. I think with some practice I can become pretty consistent with a 100lbs. PR’d by 15lbs today.

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