Wednesday 21 April

daniel performs a squat clean

Five rounds for time:

1 Tractor Tire Flip

2 Muscle Ups

3 Push Press/Jerk (m: 165 lbs, f: 95 lbs)

Use the largest tractor tire you can flip on your own. Substitute for muscle ups is 3 chest to bar pullups and 3 ring dips per muscle up. Barbells for push press/jerk will start from the floor, not a rack.

The Top 3 Men from the Alabama Sectionals by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday 21 April

  1. I am sickened by the fact that the guy that got first follows no diet. A double cheesburger on gameday?!

  2. 8:56. Blue band pullups…2nd biggest tractor tire… box dips….45 lbs push jerk. Super fun workout today

  3. Had a great time with the morning class! For starters, Greg H. and Gean made their first handstand push-ups look like a walk in the park. Then during the workout, everyone attacked the tractor tire flips fearlessly. Kudos to Megan for doing blue-band pull-ups and being stoked about the tire flips!

  4. Subbed out muscle-ups for chest-to-bar pullups and ring dips. Dropped the push press/jerk to 135 lb. I was able to do 165 lb. several times slowly before the WOD, but trying to press 165 after flipping a tire, pullups, and dips just felt like I was going to fail and struggle forever.

    So the WOD ended up being 5 rounds of:
    1 tire flip (biggest tire)
    6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    6 ring dips
    3 push press/jerk 135 lb.

    Time: 10:25

    Happy with my work on push press/jerk since my 1RM was 135 on the CrossFit Total on February 23 and I did 165 2x before the WOD.

  5. Fun Workout!!
    5 rounds:
    1 tire flip (second to the largest)
    6 Chest to bar pull ups (blue band assisted)
    6 box dips
    4 squat cleans 65 lbs -sub for push jerk

    Time: 9:36

    Had physical therapy today and didn’t get yelled at for doing band assisted pull-ups :)…She is thinking that I may just have a couple more PT days left…HAPPY DANCE- HAPPY DANCE.

  6. 3:30

    I liked this one. I think it’s a decent workout for testing maximum power output. Thanks to the early birds who helped us move equipment while cleaning.

  7. 13:30 as RX’d. I liked this WOD, but was frustrated when I got stuck on muscle-ups. I could do the push jerk unbroken and didn’t have much problem with the tire, but muscle ups are still a little slow for me. I missed at least 8 or 9.

  8. 8:51 (with the big tire)

    Did the first round as Rx’d, then had to lower my weight on the push jerk to 135 for the remaining 4 rounds. The combination of cleaning to the rack position coupled with the muscle ups killed my wrist, which is why I lowered the weight. I think they were just still tender from yesterday’s WOD.

    Bought one of the new Impulse da Vinci edition shirts tonight. Awesome design, great fitting shirt.

  9. I did the 30 muscle ups for time WOD that I missed a while ago.
    Time: 10:24
    I was really happy with that time but I could have gotten sub 10 min if I hadn’t failed 3 times in the end. I need to work on the dip part still. Next step is to learn how to get them linked. I worked on the Kaiser Sled simulator with the sledge hammer too. I can now get it over the line in 7 hits if I can keep my form right. We will see how that translates into a full FFCC WOD tomorrow.

    1. Great job today Jordan. Sorry I was not able to talk with you as much today. Glad to hear you worked out some kinks in the FFCC WOD. As for your legs diet may be the answer, however, I think that workout trashed everyone’s legs if they truly went for it. I am still have a difficult time walking today. My knee gave out on me twice today… it felt like someone did that joke where they tap your knee from behind. Overall, tweaking the diet is never a bad thing. We can talk more the next time I see you.

  10. 8:21 Rx’d

    I got stuck on my second muscle-up in the third round. I think I failed on it 3 times and I miss cleaning the weight from the ground after that.

  11. Really enjoyed watching and coaching this WOD today. Great job to all of those who completed. Some major highlights that I can remember: Ginga flipped the tire like a pro today… way to use those hips! Zan flipped the tire like it was a toy 🙂 Kristen impressed me with her pullups and push jerks. Was happy to see Patrick try for his first muscle-up today… Greg F. we forgot to do that today… next time! Jeff really did a great job on this WOD. I have really been impressed with your training these days — way to push hard… it will pay off at Regionals, I promise! Andrew R. made awesome progress on his Push Press/Jerk today…way to stay after and work on technique. Jordan constantly reminds me of what the female body is capable of — great job today. Last, but not least great job to Hudson for conducting a great 6:15 class tonight… you did a great job tonight.

    Today is a rest day for me… going to work on some physical therapy stuff before bed. Thank you Jay for all the advise and assistance!

  12. Did WOD today at Crossfit Invictus in San Diego. They were very helpful and they let me do drop in for free.

    Four sets of:
    Shoulder Press x 4-6 reps
    Rest 90 seconds
    Weighted Pull-Ups x 2-3 reps
    (if you don’t have weighted, do strict; if you don’t have strict, work negatives)
    Rest 90 seconds;
    and then,
    Three rounds for time of:
    Handstand Push-Ups x 10 reps
    20-Yard Burpee-Broad Jumps
    400 Meter Run

    Did as Rx’d in 13:05. HSPU were questionable though.

    Enjoy this programing.

  13. 8:25 w/ big tire, PU/RD’s, and 145 lb press. Failed twice in the last two rounds on the push press, but took Christina’s advice and switched to split jerk which was easier to balance. Fun WOD.

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