Sunday 25 April


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats



Five rounds for time of:
50 Double unders
35 Knees to elbows
185 pound Overhead walk, 20 yards

Due to bad weather we were unable to do “Paul.” Tomorrow we will offer both workouts.

14 thoughts on “Sunday 25 April

  1. C’mon man your gonna make me decide between Cindy and a hero WOD!? That’s not fair!

  2. Cindy
    18 rnds plus 10 pushups.

    Awesome work everybody and to the guys doing Paul congrats on finishing. That one looked horrible.

  3. Cindy 14 rounds (pr by 1 round). Brutal as always. Nice work everyone.

  4. Cindy
    13 rounds. For the final 5 sets I retreated to the blue band for the PUs. However, that felt like cheating as it seems just too easy. But, if I go without band-assist, I can’t do the full extension on the hang. Jeff’s been rightly calling me on that, but I don’t know what strategy is best–doing the unassisted as best I can, or going to the bands to full extension.

  5. Davy, I commend you on wanting to get your pullups legit. I think the answer is both of the options you mentioned. Your body must complete the full range of motion of the pullup in order to get stronger at the pullup in that range. Never going to full lock out means you’ll never build the ability to pull from full lock out (or that it will come very slowly). Therefore, using the blue band on occasion will train this. However, your body also needs to get accustomed to feeling an unassisted pullup, which indicates ditching the band. Use both methods on different days and alternate. Finally, a kip from the bottom of the locked out position can do both. It will propel you out of the bottom while making your body pull through that difficult range of motion and develop your capability in that range. Developing an effective kip would be the best solution.

    My WOD was Paul in 25:59. Not all of my KTEs were 100% touching in the last rounds. I was probably 90% legit. Doing KTEs quickly is very difficult for me. That’s a weakness I need to train. Double unders and the 185 lb overhead walk were a welcome distraction from all the KTE.

  6. I did “Paul” today with 105#.
    I got the WOD written down in my journal while I was talking to Christina, but I forgot to write down my time : (

  7. I had to settle for working out in the bay at the fire station. While no one was there to get on me about form, i feel it was legit. Cindy with 22 rounds +5 pullups/10 pushups. Nice workout, probably a favorite so far. See u tomorrow

  8. Forgot to log this on Sunday.

    Cindy 7 rounds +5 pullups/+10 push ups. I don’t think that is bad for my first Cindy. Push ups were the limiter for me. My pushups were unbroken for the first two round, but they broke quickly after that. by round 4 I was doing 2-1-1… No band on the pullups.

  9. Had to do it at the house.

    Cindy – 15 rounds. Used a chair to assist pull-ups (not ideal), but I still got a good burn. Great workout.

  10. 17 + 8 pushups. Was pretty wrecked after this one trying to keep up w/ Tristan. You win this time, sailor. Daniel is my hero w/ 20+ on the board.

    1. Haha, thanks Patrick. In an effort to remain your hero, I wont post my miserable finish time for the Paul hero WOD.

      Good job on your almost 18 rounds.

    2. Thanks but this dirty sailor still can’t link his DU’s so you will have me on any WOD with that. And you’ll kill me next time on Cindy. At least you better.

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