Monday 26 April

jordan walks with 105 lbs overhead

For time:

50 Wall ball shots
10 Muscle-ups
40 Wall ball shots
8 Muscle-ups
30 Wall ball shots
6 Muscle-ups
20 Wall ball shots
4 Muscle-ups
10 Wall ball shots
2 Muscle-ups

Men use 20 lb ball. Women use 14 lb ball. Substitute for muscle ups is 3 ring dips and 3 chest to bar pullups per muscle up.

Announcing the 2010 CrossFit Games! – video [wmv] [mov]

27 thoughts on “Monday 26 April

  1. This will be a repeat of the sectionals WOD #2 for me, but with one of my strengths removed. I definitely need work on wall ball stamina, and judging by my 30 MU time, working on MUs won’t hurt either. Looking forward to flogging myself with this one tomorrow evening.

  2. I found a cool article on the CF journal. Its a PFD file called “Implementing CrossFit at East Fork Fire”. I wish my department would do this.

  3. 28:59 –> (modified muscle ups: 18 reps – 47″ rings, 12 reps – 45″ rings)

    I think I wrote something ridiculous on the white board for my number of modified muscle ups. I was a bit gassed so the brain wasn’t working very well. I did manage to ‘toss’ the very small snack I had this morning. I took out the trash so the air should be fresh for the classes later on today. Enjoy.

  4. 18:39, scaled for intensity to 14lb WB in rounds 1 (maybe halfway through), 2, 3, and 4 and jumping MU catches at 56in.

    Finishing first was weird, and I left wondering whether I’d skipped a round or two. Last-round euphoria let me pop off the last 10 WB shots as rx’d and feeling like I had many more reps left.

  5. We ran a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) for our new firefighter candidates today. I decided to test the course before we put them through. It is a course of 8 stations that simulate fireground skills like an equipment carry, dummy drag, stair climb, hose drag, ect. The candidate has 10 min 20 sec to finish. They wear a 50lb vest (75lbs on the 3 min stair climb). I finished with 1 min 9 sec left. Could have gone faster, but like they said “that’s not bad for a girl”.

  6. Did jumping Muscle Ups as a sub. I think I have the strength for a MU but I really need to work on my form to get this.
    Time: 22:02

    Rough workout Glad I had Daniel and Charlie there pushing through their wall balls kept me pushing through mine.

  7. Subbed jumping muscle ups with the rings 63 inches high.

    Time: 17:29

    David recommended double reps since I was scaling the muscle ups, on rep 14 of the first round he said to go with regular reps. Guess I wasn’t looking so hot on the muscle ups…

    I keep wanting to pull my arms wide on the up movement portion of the muscle up, like a chicken wing.
    Tried to focus on keeping the rings close to my chest, which became hard to do as I got tired.
    Tried to not jump too much and let my arms work on the muscle up movement which was hard to do. Hard to tell yourself to make the movement harder by not jumping too high or what not.

    On wall ball shots I keep coming off my heels as I try to “jump” to get more energy into the ball. I’m trying to keep my heels down, but as I tire I just start to jump as I transfer more work to my legs. Not sure if that starts to count against the movement and would result in a missed rep for standards.

    It was weird how as I grew tired I would then start to try and put more into the ball to get it high enough and that is when I would hit the vent. Seemed to be from a lack of focus on form and placement of the ball. I keep trying to imagine the target is like the one used at sectionals where all you have to hit is the blue tape and it is open everywhere else. So, you want the ball to gently bounce off the blue tape with control and land in your hands. If I lose focus I end up hitting the vent or losing control of the ball as it will land off to one side or on my face. Plus I was on the low end of the vent which leaves you with little room for error on the high side. Counted 6 vent hits, are we still counting those as fouls?

    I’ll have to add the muscle up as a skill to work on after a WOD a few days. I’ve got a nice list of skills to work on; muscle ups, double unders, and handstand walking.

    Off subject, does anyone have recommendations on where to find grassfed beef around Madison or Huntsville? I found some at Publix on highway 72, but there were only a few items I found. Also, what are people using for eggs for a paleo-type diet? All the eggs I find say that the hens are fed a vegetarian diet which is not their natural diet. Just curious what people on a paleo-type diet do for meat sources around Madison/Huntsville. I’m trying to avoid grain fed meat items to see if that has a positive effect as I noticed a lot of positive results from dropping grains from my diet.

  8. 32:21
    Subbed 3 pulllups + 3 bar dips for each muscle up.

    Thanks to everyone pushing me at the end.

  9. 22:17 Rx’d

    Wall ball was my goat on this one. Got the first 25 of 50 unbroken on round one, then I was getting 10 and 5 reps at a time throughout the rest of the workout. Was able to link together 5 muscleups on round one, then by the third round I was back to doing doubles and singles.

    After workout I did light weight box squats with a wide stance. 5x 10x with 95 pounds. Then I worked on my press. 5x 10x 95 pounds.

    Was also awesome to see Jeff and David get first round of 50 wall balls unbroken.

    1. Oh, and with wall ball and rings in the exact same area, it really amped up the competitive nature with everyone working out right next to each other. Thanks to Tristan and Charlie for the extra push.

  10. Did this with a 10lb ball and 54″ jumping muscle-ups.

    Time 17:08

    This was rough. “my blood hurts” (quote from Team Girl Squad – homestar runner)

      1. Speaking of burninating the countryside, perhaps in addition to Hero WODs we could start having “monster WODs”. Trogdor, Mothra, Chupacabra, and Nessie are my picks…Hey, we’ve already got King Kong.

  11. Russell, if you find any good sources of grass fed beef, let us know. As far as grocery store eggs, Christina and I use Publix Greenwise vegetarian eggs, sometimes the Omega-3 enhanced version. Not perfect, but better than the standard grocery store eggs. Right now I’m trying eggs from Manchego Farms in Ardmore ( I like them so far.

    My WOD was 14:08. Muscle up stamina was killer. I think I improved my mental game on wall ball though.

  12. It was good to be back in the box today. A couple of people caught my attention on the pullup portion of the muscle-up substitute. I was making my usual rounds during the WOD at 5:00 and saw Chris doing unassisted pullups. Then at the 6:15 class, Lonny was busting out unassisted pullups. I was pumped to see two more people making measurable gains in their physical abilities. There was lots of hard work on the wall ball shots. They are always tough. All you have to do is toss that weighted ball up ten feet. Easy day right?

    I decided to give this one a shot after the classes were over. Before I talk about my horrible results, I would like to thank Jeff, Daniel and Christina for their awesome patience and support. Now for my terrible time: 30:08. Muscle ups worked me over tonight. Jeff said muscle up stamina was killer. Well, I didn’t have any. I made it through the first round of them ok but it went downhill from there. I missed entirely too many which caused fatigue and mostly mental defeat. On a positive note, first 50 wall balls, set of 20 and last 10 were all unbroken. Set of 40 and 30 were only broken slightly. Got plenty of rest for them while failing MUs.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, David. I really appreciate the input you give me- and that goes for Jeff, Christina and Hudson too- in guidance, advice AND just giving me that extra push to get me through the workout.

      Indeed, I have made some positive strides in way of pullups and my upper body strength is increasing. Another, somewhat intangible but extremely important improvement y’all have helped has been mental discipline. I find that I am pushing myself further and sharpening my determination more than ever before.

      Thanks to all of you!

      I did the Silver level last evening, 20 lb wall ball shots, subbing the 3 PU and 3 dips per MU. finished in 22:48.

  13. For grass-fed beef, we recently heard about Harvest Fresh Meat, (256) 828-9782. They are off Quarter Mountain road, near the Huntsville drag racing strip (Harvest area). Haven’t tried them yet, but have been thinking about going in on a half or quarter beef.

    1. We’ve been meaning to try them as well, but when we think about it we don’t have the money and when we have the money we don’t think about it.

  14. We buy our eggs from an individual who has free range chickens, My wife is going to ask here if she wants to sell to more people. Check out for listings of farms that ofer grass fed and organic products. It is a busy website, but it has some good information on it (including a listing of farms that will ship meat).

  15. I simply lacked the strength to do this prescribed, even though I have never tried a muscle up. I’m assuming I will not be very good at them, seeing as I can’t do many unassisted pull-ups and ring dips are much more difficult than I thought they would be. 22:52, but heavily scaled. I did the wall balls as prescribed, but substituted bar dips, assisted on rounds 2-5 with a little toe on the ground, and assisted pull-ups (green band) in place of muscle ups. And I didn’t do the equivalent of 10-8-6-4-2 muscle ups, but rather the equivalent of 8-5-4-3-2. I feel a little discouraged about my lack of strength in these areas, but not the kind of discouragement to cause me to “give up”, but rather to work harder so I don’t have to get a stupid box to stand on so I can stick my foot in a stupid green band just to do some pull-ups. No offense to the green bands…or whoever bought them.

  16. Andrew, that is just absolute bullshit. Do you think I enjoy getting stepped on day in and day out, only to dutifully rocket your ass towards the ceiling every rep, just as you ask of me? Before I was sold to CrossFit Impulse I had a good life. In the factory back in Beijing my creator often used me to fling golf balls (also made in our factory) at one of his friends across the shop floor. When it was discovered he was doing this outside his daily 4 minute break he was fired, sent to a secret prison, and I was returned to inventory before being shipped to America. And by the way, that was a rough voyage. It’s a good thing that we rubber bands are pretty immune to motion sickness. Guess it’s in our DNA.

    So I ask that you show a little more respect for me and my blue and gray counterparts. We neither chose our lot in life, nor do we enjoy it. If that isn’t possible then I may find the first opportunity to slip off your toe and violently resume flinging balls.

    Yours truly,
    The Green Band

  17. I sincerely apologize Green Band, I didn’t know you were so defensive. I expected a response like this from the Blue Band…he’s much more sensitive than you are. Nonetheless, it can’t be easy getting stepped on all the time…but soon, I won’t need you at all, and I wonder if you’ll miss the bottom of my adidas shoe…or if you’ll be happy to hang, limp as you do, knotted to the bar. And don’t get jealous when I start using The Blue Band…because that day is coming!

    By the way, you fling my balls, and you will meet your nemisis, Scissors.

  18. I can tell from the conversation that I am still considered second class citizen around here. I am sick and tired of this garbage. People treat me like the plague, like they don’t want to be seen with me. I am starting to think they are using me just to get to green.

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