Friday 7 May

2 Rounds for time:

800m run

30 pullups

20 squats

10 handstand pushups

5 deadlifts (m: 275 lbs, f: 185 lbs)

1 rope ascent (15 feet)

Post time to comments.

The Bitch Mode by CrossFit Watertown

Come support Jordan Pepe in the Firefighter Combat Challenge in Albertville this Saturday, May 8th at 10 A.M. You can read more about the competition here. Google map it for directions here.

15 thoughts on “Friday 7 May

  1. 19:19 (1 abmat w/ HSP, 205/185 # deadlifts)
    Fun workout. I like that there is a good mixture of cardio and strength training within crossfit. Need to work on my form with deadlifts and maybe a larger diameter pull up bar to prevent ripping my hands. Thanks for tips David.

  2. Observing CrossFitters working their asses off at 5:30 am is always a nice way to get motivated for the day! Melissa F., Megan, Justin, Bacon, and Steven all worked hard this working. Melissa F. deadlifted 145 for the workout. Her previous best was 135-lb. Megan pushed her limits on deadlift as well. She also told the rope to stick it on the second round and climbed to the top (after only making 1/2 way the 1st round)! Steven ran his first 800m barefooted, kudos!

    Jeff, nice programming. Everyone in the morning class enjoyed this one!

  3. Glad this turned out well. I’m on a rest day, so despite badly wanting to, I’m going to try to resist the urge to test my concoction on myself. I tried to alternate hip and shoulder intensive movements to keep you moving and keep intensity high. I incorporated running, gymnastics, strength, and strength/coordination, but tried to keep the list short enough that it wouldn’t become an “any old asshole” workout. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, Greg Glassman once remarked that “any old asshole can string together a ton of stuff and make it hard” but good programming is supposed to be more than that.

    Anxious to see some of our athletes post sub-15 minutes on this.

  4. I love my life, but sometimes it gets in the way of getting my crossfix. I hope to make it in sometime this weekend. I hate that I’m going to miss this one.

  5. Fun but taxing WOD! 34:38 (2-abmat HSPUs and 225lb DL)

    Justin, I haven’t had trouble with torn hands doing pullups in a while, but the fat bar gave me a couple on my palms today.

  6. Really enjoyed working out with the lunch class today. Hudson thanks for all the coaching and motivation today. Thanks Leah for making me stick with the 185lb Deadlift! šŸ™‚ Did the WOD as rx with 1 AB mat.

    Time: 23:01

    Great programing Jeff. This was a good one!

  7. Christina just so you know I was just logged in as Jakub again. I resisted the urge to post something I shouldn’t since it’s not his fault.

    16:56 Rx’d
    Fun workout. I was hanging neck and neck with Jakub for a minute but he got me on the DL on Rnd 1 and was out the door as I was finishing up the movement. That second run was a lot harder than I anticipated. Good job Jakub for sub 15. And Daniel you better have brought the pain on the 6:15 class and beat me. I wanna know times.

  8. The Firefighter Combat Challenge is tomorrow! It starts at 10:00am registration is at 8:00am. I will probably be one of the first compeditors because I’m new. Come hang out! We will be going out to eat back in Madison (somewhere) when it is over.

  9. Sorry I wrote that under Ol’Flexy Hips cuz she has obviously stolen my computer recently…

  10. 16:09, Tristian…..16: freak’n 09.

    Although I scaled the deadlift to 225 because of my weak mouse hamstrings. This was rough. Got both rounds of HSPU’s unbroken. The air squats didnt seem to bother me, but the run really zapped me today. Running is usually one of my strengths, but today for some reason it kicked me square in the man berries.

    Good programming on this. Good mix of movements without over stressing any particular body part.

  11. Not a true test Daniel. the 275 make a big difference. I am gonna have to say I won this challenge just cause I am like that but awesome time man. You killed it. And yea something was going on here to kill my run too. And that is one of my strong point. But all the same way to go brother.

  12. I held a 50 pound dumbell between my knees on the rope climb though, if that evens it out some. haha

    Yeah, no way I could have gotten through it with a 275 deadlift. The Challenge Crown is definetely yours today.

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