6 thoughts on “Saturday 8 May

  1. Back Squat: 225-245-265(PR)
    Shoulder Press: 155(PR)-165(PR)-170(f)
    Deadlift: 310-320-335(f)
    Total: 265+165+320 = 750 (PR by about 100)

    Fun day at CFI. Lots of good work.

  2. CrossFit total: 655

    Was a little disappointed that I didn’t go up on press. But, I did increase my back squat by 10 pounds, and my deadlift by 40 pounds. So all things considered, it was a good day. I was walking with the giants in the box today, Andy and Greg. Never felt so short in my life. Those boys moved some heavy junk around. Also, you ladies might wanna take a look at the leader board. A certain lady decided to come out guns blazing this morning…..

  3. Total: 855. First total. Awesome day today!!!!!!!!! Everyone kicked butt. Thanks Daniel, but remember I feel the same whay you do like 200 unbroken pullups to my 2. That is why I love it here. It constantly changes and we are all constantly out of our comfort zone.

  4. Hudson, Jordan performed admirably today. The course was very tough and unforgiving to first timers, but she completed every evolution except the dummy drag. She would have no doubt completed that had maximum time not been reached. She was the only female individual competitor. I know she was hoping for better, but we were all very proud of her nonetheless.

  5. Argh! Second missed Total WOD! I haven’t done it yet and am anxious to have a number to start improving.

    As consolation, I improved my clean & jerk PR by twenty pounds with upstart CrossFit Shoals. Check ’em out when you’re in the area: http://crossfitshoals.com/

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