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  1. Great morning class. Glad to see Teresha back. Kudos to Steven for pushing through this with the prescribed 45 lb dumbbells. For my morning WOD I did “Jerry” in 23:45. Row was semi-pathetic. I struggled to keep 2:00/500m and finished it in 7:51. First 1600m run was 7:22. Last 1600m run was apparently 8:32. More accurately, there is a few seconds of transition before and after the row, so it was probably about 8:15 with 17 seconds rest mixed in. Of course, total time is what matters; I’m just being an engineer.

  2. Great 11:30 class today. Zan, Scott, Tabitha, and Amy all pushed through today’s WOD. Michael did “Jerry” in under 25 min. Amy was doing med ball cleans like it was second nature by the end of the warmup.

    I decided to make up “Jerry” today. 22:13.

  3. Was looking forward to this WOD, but I will be in decatur this afternoon. Instead, I will be doing some HSPU’s, squats, pushups in some sort of combination at my apartment when I get home. See you guys Tuesday!

  4. This WOD was horrible for me.

    33:03 for 5 rounds.

    Handstand pushups were awful from the start. I was worried about the L-pullups and they seemed easier than the other 2 movements.

    Hudson, nice Jerry time. We’ll have to do that one together sometime.

    Congrats to Jordan from the competition this past Saturday. Is that a CFI logo on her helmet? Nice…

    1. Thanks Russell. I agree. If we did it together Im sure we would both get a better time

  5. Holy Mother of God this WOD was horrible. I still can’t feel my shoulders.

    36:46 Rx’d (or so I say)
    The L Pullups became tucks by round 5 and they never went back. I was surprised I did all HSPU without going to an ABMAT but all in all thats what its about. Doing it full range of motion no matter how long it takes. Good job to everyone who tried this HERO WOD. And if it’s not one they should name someone after it soon. Like by the end of the day.

  6. 28:57, 6 rounds of scaled hspu’s (first round with one abmat, 2nd and 4th rounds with 2 abmats; bar hspu’s for 3rd, 5th, and 6th rounds), gb pullups, and barbell squat cleans as rx’d

  7. I was right around 35 minutes. I did HSPUs as RX’d for first round, but after struggling for a while decided to finish out on the GHD machine. 95 on the cleans, and tucked, dead hang pullups subbed for the L pullups.

    Quite a turnout for the 5PM class!

  8. Great job to everyone on this brutal WOD!

    I made up “Jerry” with a time of 25:05.

  9. I think my time was 33:40 and rx’d is a term I would use loosely. My pullups were a mixture of L-hangs and tucks and after round 2, my HSPUs turned ugly. I also managed to break two 25 lb bumpers during my squat cleans, so I think I deserve bonus points. Sorry, David.

  10. Forgot to log yesterday.

    31:25 for 5 rounds.

    I tried to do the HSPUs with two abmats, I got about 5 of them, and could no longer push myself back up. I finished that round and the next with negatives then switched to bar / ghd push ups. I used the 25lb dbs for the cleans and did pullups with a blue band followed by a 15s L-hang. (Like I told David, I’d like to think I could’ve done the pull ups if they weren’t in the warm up–though that might be wishfull thinking–, but strict Ls are beyond me)

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