Tuesday 10 May

Andy performing squat clean

For time:


Snatch (m:95-lbs/f: 65-lbs)

Rings dips

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday 10 May

  1. 7 rounds of
    10 HSPU
    10 dumbbell squat cleans, 45 lb dumbbells
    10 L-pullups


    As everyone indicated, this was indeed horrible. I finished round 2 at 3 minutes even, and that’s when the internal whining began. Thought of some reasons to quit in round 3, but told my body to STFU and keep working. After round 2 HSPUs went in sets of 5-3-2 or 4-3-3. Dumbbell squat cleans always started with an unbroken set of 5, except for rounds 6 and 7. L-pullups got slightly less legit in the last rounds, but I was within the 90% solution. My blood hurts.

  2. Went to the 11:30 class today and once again I was beaten by the almighty Leah — I swear you’re getting stronger with that baby — That child is going to come out a firebreather and probably kick my butt as well. Congrats on a job well done Leah! My time was 18 minutes with 46lb snatch and assisted ring dips.

    Jeff great job today! Highly impressed with your consistency… keep up the great work!

  3. 11:24 Rx. This one was rough. As my form broke down I started failing on reps which got to me mentally. Most of my last two sets I landed on the balls of my feet. Ring dips really weren’t too bad but tired out my shoulders so that it was hard to keep active shoulders on the snatches.

    Had a small but good 11:30 class. Had fun watching Leah and Christina battle it out. Davy’s OHS form improved significantly. Awesome job on yesterday’s WOD Jeff. Looking forward to hearing about you qualifying at regionals.

    Oh and Scott. Im still extremely remorseful about stopping the clock before you were done with Jerry. I don’t even know if Ill be able to sleep tonight.

  4. 13:47 with 66lb and ass ring dips that were pretty crapy looking! i liked how the second heat helped the first and first helped the second that was cool…thanks to brittany for the push i would have prob drop weight after first round!

    1. Although i wanted to say assisted ring dips…i do believe my abbreviation “ass ring dips” is suitable

  5. 12:30 Rx’d

    This one was def. a David programing. As Hudson said the ring dips weren’t bad but they did exhaust the shoulders and made the snatches more difficult. I was lucky enough to not fail on any of the snatches though. Thanks to Daniel for the push. Everytime I wanted to stop I saw those damn yellow bumpers move and couldnt bring myself to rest long.

    Congrats to David on an awesome total. Broke 800 without so much as a sweat. Well done.

  6. I made up CF Total tonight.

    Back squat – 285 – 295 – 310 (f)
    Shoulder Press – 125 – 140 – 150 (PR)
    Deadlift – 295 – 340(PR) – 360(PR)

    Total = 805 (PR)

    I went with the 3 attempts tonight. That adds an extra factor in the “Total”. I over shot back squat, under shot press, and probably nailed deadlift. I may have been able to pull a few more pounds on DL but not much.

    Thanks to Tristan, Daniel and Jeff for hanging around to support me! I really appreciate it.

  7. Big congrats to David on an 800 lb total including a 360 lb deadlift, Zan for snatching 66 lbs throughout today’s WOD, Lisa for completing the WOD with a challenging load, Grant for greatly improving his technique, and Ben for pushing through with Pukie riding his back all the way.

    I definitely welcome any feedback you guys have on the trainer/athlete setup we sometimes use. It arises out of necessity, but a couple of you have indicated you like it. We can certainly do more of that on the shorter WODs if that is consensus. If you absolutely hate it, that is fine too. Send us an email or let us know here, whichever is comfortable for you.

  8. 12:39 Rx’d

    As always with me on the snatches, my technique seems to get better as the WOD goes on. Even as I fatigued, I noticed how much easier catching the bar at the bottom of the squat was than trying to do some crazy power snatch. Funny how the body wants to resort to not squatting, even though it makes the movement sooooo much easier. The ring dips werent too bad, and I gained some ground knocking those out. I dropped 3 snatches on the last round, which killed my time.

    Tristan, 9 seconds is pretty hard for me to live with. haha. Enjoyed the trash talking and competition today. It pushes the heck out of me. Awesome job catching up on the snatches and passing me up after I thought I had a decent jump on you. Kind of hurt my feelings though.

    Nice total, David “Fat Sac” Clem. Always nice to PR by 25lbs on deadlift and still be able to keep your back flat. You’re knocking on 400’s door at a fast pace……

  9. Fat Sac, for real? I love it. Damn you gotta come out with more like that. That is by far one of the best I have heard.

  10. 14:20, scaled snatches to 85 because I failed on the first one and it hurt my shoulder pretty bad. I think I should have stayed with 95, but it was still a tough workout.

    Awesome job by Josh for going RX’d even without much snatch experience. Your form got better as you got tired.

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