8 thoughts on “Saturday 15 May

  1. I ran the David McKannan Run For Research 5k this morning, an event put on by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My official time was 27:51, a PR by 3+ minutes! David is a coworker of mine who was diagnosed a couple of years ago with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s diseases) who still holds Alabama cross-country records from his days at Grissom.

  2. 135 – 155 – 165 – 175f – 175f – 175 – 185f

    This was fun today. Those 4″ high raised deadlifts were quite a reach for my short arms. Everyone did great today. Thanks to David for not punching me for yelling at him during Karen WOD.

  3. 155-175-195-205-215(f)-210(PR)-215(PR)

    Never done heavy split jerk and was hoping for 210 because my PR on push jerk is 200.

    And, yes, I pulled a “Jakub” and came on the strength day without doing Eva the day before 🙂

  4. Had my PFT today. 20 pullups, 100 crunches, and 3 mile run in 18:34 for a score of 296 out of 300. Been pushing for that perfect score for a long time but it’s just out of reach.

    1. Awesome PFT score, Hudson. Those last 10 points are just brutal to earn. For those unfamiliar with the PFT, each pullup nets you 5 points, but you only get 1 point for every 10 seconds faster you do the 3 mile run. Conclusion: it’s hard to earn points on the run.

  5. Kudos to Andy for his PR in split jerk this morning!

    I made up “Karen”. My time was 8:15 (PR). I wanted sub 8. Thanks to Daniel and Zan for pushing me. I had one in each ear yelling…”Don’t stop”, “You better not stop”, “You don’t need that rest”, “Pick it up”. Man, that was rough!

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