7 thoughts on “Sunday 16 May

  1. That’s my boy! 225 is a new PR for him.

    Thanks for taking that picture, made his day!

  2. 135 – 155 – 165 – 175f – 175f – 175 – 180f

    Finished with 175 max. My problem wasnt the jerk, but the clean. Gotta get low next time. Worked on some heavy deadlift attempts after the WOD. Going to try to pull some heavy stuff at least once a week, time permitting after the WOD. I have GOT to strengthen my posterior chain.

  3. Good strength day at CFI today. I think everybody either moved their clean and jerk PR upward or found it for the first time. It’s also always nice to see leaderboard updates on random events after the WOD.

    My WOD:

    After two consecutive failures at 230 lb apparently I needed to walk away for a few minutes, do 2-3 back levers, and then try again.

  4. 135, 165 – building up
    175, 195x, 180, 185, 190, 205x, 200x

    Felt good to get in and do some strength work after running in the track meet yesterday. I was worried about my hamstrings as they felt a bit sore today, but nothing was hurting during the movement so I went with it. Might have been able to do better when my legs are not as fatigued as they did not want to move quickly.

    Throwing some heavy weight overhead is counterintuitive as your lizard brain says this is unsafe and wants to bail out, but overcoming that and getting the load overhead and locking it out is very satisfying in a mind over matter kind of way. It’s like playing football, at first you don’t want to make contact so you slow down and cringe before the hit and the other guy going faster will slaughter you, then once you can accelerate and lower your shoulder into the blow you can lay waste to the other guy.

    Holy cats! That Kong 2 WOD is nuts and that guy threw some lead around like it was nothing even on a 500 pound deadlift.

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