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  1. The ropes got some mileage this morning. Six athletes were able to integrate a rope climb into their workout in some way! I was especially impressed with Melissa and Megan who made it all the way up multiple times. Megan’s technique is proof that you don’t need a ton of pulling power to climb the rope if you use good technique. You can essentially climb the rope with your legs and just use your arms to hold yourself up while you move your clamp and then stand up on the clamp to achieve the upward movement. Greg H., Greg B., and Russell destroyed the rope climbs at the Gold level.

    My morning WOD:

    Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
    Max effort parallette handstand pushups inbetween each set. Paralletes spaced at 36″ with two 45 lb plates as my stop for range of motion.

    BS: 245-265-275-280-285
    PHSPU: 11-7-6-4-6

    I found that symmetric hand spacing is very important on the parallettes, as is having both parallettes perfectly parallel. My improvement on the last set wasn’t as much of a last set surge as it was getting those things correct.

  2. Hate to miss this one, but I’ll be in Decatur this afternoon. I plan to do some kettlebell work tonight at my apartment.

  3. 17:55 Gold (95 lb) I had to go down in weight not because of the effort but because my hands hurt so bad. It is a flexibility thing that I am working on. God Bless Google. I put in “Hand flexibility in the rack position” and a ton of articles came up on that very issue. Hopefully that will help. The morning crew ROCKED today. Thanks Jeff.

  4. A hero WOD on Monday morning for the kick in the pants to start the week.
    My hands felt useless after this with the flexibility being tested with the thrusters and gripping the rope.

    Went with the Gold scale with 115 lb. thrusters and 6-3-1 rep scheme on the rope climb.

    Time: 17:04

    My rope climb technique needs some work. I don’t trust my feet to hold me on the rope and I use my arms to hold and muscle my way up. On the plus side maybe I’m closer to arms-only climbing the rope than I think. Traded out my Vibrams FiveFingers for regular shoes (New Balance MT100) and tight rolled my warm-up pants with tape to protect my lower legs. Looked like an idiot but gave me more confidence on the rope climb. After the second rope climb my technique got better because it had to if I was going to finish at all and I was forced to use my legs more and figure out it was going to work.

    Glad I went with the rope climb as the last time it came up in a WOD I subbed it out., another skill showing signs of improvement.

  5. Did Eva today for a time of 42:43. Was hoping for sub 40 and was on my way to it but tore my hands in round 3. Everything went downhill from there.

  6. 23:10 rx’d. The rope climbs lose their fun factor after about three, and definitely burn on the way down. Hats off to Hudson for finishing Eva with a great time and with wrecked hands. They were gnarly.

  7. Afternoon WOD:

    5 rounds:
    250m sandbag hill sprint w/ ~30 lb sandbag
    rest interval is walking down the hill, back to the starting line with the sandbag

    56.11 sprint
    3:00 rest
    1:03.11 sprint
    3:12 rest
    1:04.18 sprint
    3:27 rest
    1:06.19 sprint
    3:28 rest
    xxxx sprint (watch snafu)

  8. Worked on max deadlift today.

    135-155-175-185-190-200 (PR) – 205 (PR) – 210 (f)

    Great day for me on deadlift… I have been working on getting a 200lb lift over two years. The first record deadlift I have was taken on April 2008 with 135lbs as my max. Slow and steady… good day!

  9. I wanted to do this workout bad, but my shoulders said no (and I am glad I listened). I did a couple of climbs and thrusters for warm up and decided not to go for it. I am getting wiser with age. Starting to get increasing shoulder pain after heavy shoulder lifts the last week (heavy split jerks and shoulder press for total). I am in this for the long run, no need to hurt myself.

    I made up Jerry (1 mile run, 2000m row, 1 mile run) because I hate running and cardio with a passion (which means I need more training in that area!). I finished in 28:40. Thanks to Scott for rowing and running the last mile with me to help me push it.

  10. Great workout today…at least the gold wasn’t too bad. Dropped the weight to 95, didn’t feel confident lifting 115 45 times. The rope got me, I had to run out to my car in the middle of the first round and put on the dress socks I wore to work just to keep the rubbing down. It was too late, my leg is burned. But I thought this workout had a good mix of moves that involved power, athleticism, coordination, and a tolerance for rope burn (That’s always key to a good workout). Finished with a time of 19:11

  11. Good night at CFI. A few things that stand out in my mind, 1. Many people climbed the rope to the top for the first time 2. Christina broke the 200-lbs mark in deadlift. Congrats! 3. Hudson fought through over 2 rounds of Eva with his hands in a bloody mess.

    Rest day for me.

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