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  1. I have not mastered the art of the double under. Jeff, thanks for the pointers, I will try to apply them next time. My time was 13:37, gold.

  2. I would like to give a short, post WOD class this weekend on nutrition. If anyone is interested please let me know. I can either do it after the workout Saturday or Sunday, or if there is enough response I can do both. Ill go a little more in depth on the zone and paleo diets, and ill also draw in knowledge from you guys and your experiences. Just post on the blog over the next few days when and if you would like to have it.

  3. 7:39 rx’d

    This was a wake up call for me. I actually PR’d by 3:04 on this WOD from when we last did it on April 5th. I guess I should feel good about this, and most of the time I would. I feel like I have made some great improvements on myself in the past month, but realistically, not over 3 minutes worth of improvement in such a short time. Which leaves me to believe that my intensity has been lacking in the past. My rest during WODs has been way to long, and I havent been fighting off the tiny little voice that tells me to slow down or stop when I start to fatigue. Lately, I’ve been mentally weak in my workouts.

    Tonight was my wake up call. At 6:15, my battle against mediocrity began. I’ve waged war against my weaknesses and have no plans of looking back.

  4. 6:15 Rx’d (PR)

    Thanks for all the positive compliments post WOD! Double-unders were on tonight. I can still make up a little time on sit-ups. I wasn’t able to do them unbroken after the 40 set. Previous “Annie” time was 7:48.

  5. 6:33 rx’d (PR by 37 seconds). Congrats to David for a smokin’ 6:15.

  6. Geez guys. Awesome job.
    Daniel: Im convinced that the main thing that sets elite crossfitters apart is just what you said. Being able to shut up that little voice telling you to stop. Congratulations on your aha moment.

  7. Hudson,

    I would love to get a class on Nutrition… I would also love a class on what Daniel said…Unfortunately I am not sure if I can do it this weekend… Once you decide on a time I will try and work something out.

  8. 7:49 rx’d (PR by 3:59)

    It was nice being #2 on the leaderboard for 45 minutes.

  9. I’ve missed two CF Total WODs, so I made it up today.

    BS: 185-205-225(PR)
    Press: 95-105(x)-100(x)
    DL: 265-285(PR)-305(PR)
    Score: 625

  10. Lots of great accomplishments tonight. Patrick and David killed it with a low 6-minute time. Jordan, Lonny, Brittany, Daniel and Jakub also took spots on the leaderboard or improved their positions. Yaneth and Melissa both did their first prescribed WODs. Greg H. did the WOD twice today, and improved his time by 5 minutes with 5 hours rest. Greg B. made a big PR on CrossFit Total. I’m really glad we programmed Annie on a rest day about 2 months ago so everyone could see his/her progress today. You guys consistently amaze me with your leaps of progress in such a short amount of time.

  11. 18:44 rx. My first set of double unders took forever! Jeff’s advice to relax and focus really helped since I found myself loosingmy patience withe du’s in that first set and maybe the second. Thanks to everyone for pushing me till the end.

    I think I can make the nutrition workshop either day.

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