Wednesday 19 May

10 Rounds for Score of

  • Tabata Burpees
  • Tabata Barbell (male: 90% body weight, female: 60% body weight)

This is a 10 round workout lasting exactly 10 minutes. Each round consists of 20 seconds of burpees, followed by 10 seconds of rest, followed by 20 seconds of barbell work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle repeats 10 times until the athlete has completed a total of 10 work intervals of burpees and 10 work intervals of barbell maneuvers. This workout is scored for points. Points are awarded as follows:

Burpee: 1 point


Power Clean: 1 point (Just get the bar from the ground to your shoulders, doesn’t matter how.)

Squat Clean: 3 points (Full depth required for points.)

Squat Clean and Jerk: 5 points (Full depth squat clean + get the bar locked out overhead, doesn’t matter how.)


Athletes can choose which barbell maneuver they wish to perform during barbell work. Barbell must return to the ground between maneuvers. Athletes may earn as many points as possible during the 20 second work interval by performing as many maneuvers as possible. For example, an athlete could perform a squat clean and jerk, return the bar to the ground, and then perform a power clean during her 20 seconds to earn a total of 6 points.

Prescribed load for males is 90% body weight. Prescribed load for females is 60% body weight. Round down to the nearest 5 pounds. For example, a female with a body weight of 130 lbs would multiply 130 * 0.6 = 78 lb. Rounding down to the nearest 5 lbs means she will use a 75 lb barbell.  Trainer/athlete method will be used to make scoring easier. Athletes may choose their partners.

Barbell load will be scaled as follows, but you might be interested in competing for the top male and female spots in your class if you are capable.

Gold: 75%/50%

Silver: 60%/40%

Bronze: 40%/30%

18 thoughts on “Wednesday 19 May

  1. Sweet programming. That took some thought. I gotta get my game plan ready for this one.

  2. I would like to give a short, post WOD class this weekend on nutrition. If anyone is interested please let me know. I can either do it after the workout Saturday or Sunday, or if there is enough response I can do both. Ill go a little more in depth on the zone and paleo diets, and ill also draw in knowledge from you guys and your experiences. Just post on the blog over the next few days when and if you would like to have it.

  3. 106 on 75% Body Weight. It is tough when you are 200. I seemed to mostly average 4 burpees and 2 squat cleans. Awesome Job Melissa! You kicked ass!

    1. Thanks Steven, but I was just trying to keep up with Megan….She came out of the door swinging and in pearls no less :). Awesome programming Jeff, this was a lot of fun.

      Score: 157 pts

  4. 100 points at Bronze Level. I agree with Steven… I weigh 190 and I am still trying to develop some strength…
    I averaged 3 – 4 burpees and 2 squat cleans… Stuck to squat cleans since my left shoulder is a little sore.

    Great workout.

  5. Went Rx’d with 150 lb. on the barbell.
    Score: 97 points

    Shoulders are hurting a little from the rope climbing on Monday. Stuck with straight power cleans. Tried a squat clean once and it was very slow.

  6. 104 with 160lbs on the bar. I would like to say that it was rxd, but that is my gold (75%) standard. I did mostly squat clean and presses going for the big money, but in hindsight I should have prolly just kept the powerclean reps up. Hmmmmmm I would like to come back to this workout when maybe 165 or 175 is rxd for me. We will see.

  7. This was a very well programmed workout Jeff. I think you prescribed the movements, scoring and load perfectly.

  8. 146 at 35% body weight. This one was tough, and once again Melissa kicked my butt. Seriously that girl is wonder woman. Everyone worked hard this morning, would like to revisit this one again sometime.

  9. Well glad to be back to the box after a few bad days at work.

    127 Rx’d Was happy with the score I guess but then Daniel stepped up and kicked my ass with it. Fun workout overall felt like I wanted to die after the final period.

  10. Ummmmm has anyone checked the mainsite WOD for tomorrow. Yikes. I guess great crossfit minds think alike.

  11. 148 as Rx’d (135 Pounds)

    Going into this workout, I had set a goal of 150 reps. In round 3, I screwed up and did a power clean and jerk (forgot to squat) which ended up costing me 4 points. If I hadnt forgotten to squat, I would have beat my goal time by 2 points. Either way, I was happy with my reps. Was able to go over head in every round at least once. Burpees were a killer.

    And Tristan, if I had gone first, you would have beat my number of reps. You gave me something to shoot for.

  12. 205 Rx’d with 150 lb barbell @ body weight of 170 lb

    I had no idea how tough this would be when I programmed it. Sure, I designed it to be tough, but I had to experience it to understand. Thanks for all the kind words. Oh, and yes, as usual, the main site has pooped all over “constantly varied” for Wednesday and Thursday at CFI, but we’ll persevere. Thanks to Luke for partnering with me and counting my reps.

    Lots of subtle nuances to this one. Strategy is definitely required, and Tabata intervals make it a thrashing all around. I think getting overhead is key, since it requires little time and effort for the extra 2 points compared to the other movements.

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