6 thoughts on “Thursday 20 May

  1. Corey looking good…. go CrossFit Innovate!!! It is nice to see our members checking out the other awesome spots to train. Hope you guys enjoyed the company.

    1. We enjoy having athletes from other boxes workout with us. Send some more our way.


  2. Motivating 11:30 Class today. Watched Zan, Scott and Michael all greatly improve on their split jerks. Scott and Michael both started out wanting to push press and when they just couldn’t keep it up anymore they went to the jerk out of necessity. This proves the push jerk as a functional movement, when it’s necessary in order to get the work done. Zan powered through Rx even at over 90% 1RM. As usual Leah needed to be tamed into using 65 but still did awesome.

  3. Wasnt able to make it to the box today. Instead, I did a WOD that I like to call “The Stick it to um”. Its 1 round for time at the Volkswagen dealership. Rep scheme goes like this……. Laugh loudly at the sticker price, and then talk them down to within 100 dollars of dealer invoice price. I actually PR’d on this one today, got within $20 of invoice price in just 1 hour, 36 minutes.

    And I didnt even rip open my hands.

    See you guys tomorrow,

    The Donk

  4. Kudos to Greg F. and Greg H. for working through this one Rx’d! Brian did a little extra by taking his load from the ground each set of overhead. Congrats to Yaneth for getting her first legit kipping pull-up post WOD tonight!

    Following the 6:15 class, I decided to do the WOD. I have never had 185-lbs overhead and didn’t think tonight was the night to try so I scaled to my body weight 150-lbs. My time was 6 minutes and some change. Does anyone remember it? I want to say 6:32.

  5. David that is correct 6:32. Awesome job. That workout killed me. Thanks for the extra push. I should have been better with my efficiency in the beginning. I muscled the first three or so up and it killed me later. I am smoked even this morning. Awesome job Yaneth on the kipping pullup. Hopefully I will be at the lunch workout today. I like calling it the lunch workout because I associate everything with food. I will be there or I will be at Globo Gym doing one arm preacher curls with a size medium shirt on. Only time will tell. Take Care Everyone!

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