5 thoughts on “Sunday 30 May

  1. Reading Melissa’s post, I may have misunderstood the WOD. I did 3 rounds where the first round comprised 21 squats, 21 situps, and 21 pushups. The second was 15 reps of each movement and the third 9.

    My splits were roughly 2:09, 1:35, and 0:47. Then I made up Friday’s hundred burpees in around 10:44.

  2. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, opted for a 3-day backpacking WOD in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness. WOD included 22 miles of hiking, 12 crossing of the somewhat flooded Slickrock Creek (at that point, boundary between NC and TN), around 4,500 ft of climbing & decending with loaded packs, peak bagging Haoe and Hangerover summits, and about 1 mile of bushwacking through all but impassable trail due to deadfall from last winter’s ice storms. For bonus, hiking the last day’s trek in my Five Fingers.

    If you enjoy backpacking, IMHO nothing compares with the beauty of the Slickrock.


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