4 thoughts on “Sunday 6 June

  1. 17:07 Rx’d
    After taking a week off this WOD felt really good…when I was done. Failed on the dip portion of the last half of the MUs, which eat up alot of time. I probly shouldn’t have tried to do them unbroken. My squat cleans have improved a lot recently. I am learning to catch it in the bottom of the squat instead of power cleaning every time. Still need to work on leading up with my elbows. It was awesome to see the fundamentals group finishing up! Looking forward to having more crossfitters join the CFI family!

  2. 11:42 Rx. This workout had two of my weaknesses, heavy squat cleans and HSPUs. Was able to link 10 MUs for the first time though.

  3. 17:32

    Got through the muscle ups and HSPU’s in under 3 minutes. Linked 8 muscle ups, then 2 singles. On the HSPU’s, I did 8, then 4, then 2, then 1.

    Rest of the time was spent on squat cleans. Only completed 3 squat cleans at the prescribed weight of 155. Then started dumping the weight for several reps. This was extremely frustrating. Took off a 10 from each side and completed the workout with 135. Thanks to David for the cue’s at the bottom of the squat. Once I spread the floor with my feet, which got my glutes involved, the weight came up. As much as I struggled today, I feel like I left the gym stronger and smarter.

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