Monday 7 June

CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Class - June 6, 2010

Northwest Regional Event 4

For time:
Row 30 calories
95 pound Thruster, 30 reps
20 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
30 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
Row 20 calories
115 pound Thruster, 20 reps
20 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
Row 10 calories
135 pound Thruster, 10 reps
20 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent
10 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Chris Spealler 14:12, Mary Lampas 15:04 (65lb, 75lb, 95lb Thrusters, 1 pood Kettlebell). Post time to comments.

Finding My Way” with Greg Glassman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit Oahu at the Southwest Regionals – video [wmv] [mov]

23 thoughts on “Monday 7 June

  1. Looks like a burner. Yikes. I gotta go to Decatur tomorrow after work so you guys and girls have fun with this one. I programmed myself a workout I can do at my apartment after I get home tomorrow night. Should be fun……I’ll post results tomorrow.

  2. WOD this morning was BRUTAL… I can’t lift my arms. Glad I did it though. 40:41 w/ 41 lb/51 lb/ 51lb thruster 1 pood kbs and single rope climb each round.

  3. Probably the toughest WOD to date for me…..I did silver.
    41/51/61 Thruster
    3/4 pood KBS
    1 rope climb each round.

    Everyone worked really hard this morning! Great Job guys….

  4. RX 36:37….I completely agree, Megan. Met Pukey this morning, my dog even looked concerned. Some protein and a cold shower brought me back to life. The rope burn on my inner leg is not cool.

  5. WOW this morning was rough! 24:53 RX but the last 10 thrusters were 115. Ran out of gas, ran out of strength, ran out of heart. This WOD OWNED me. Glad I didn’t ride my bike to the box this morning. It would have been a squirrely ride home.
    Amazing vibe in there this morning though lots of yelling, loved it. Plus I was rocking sweet tall wool socks a la Mr. Rogers to avoid the rope burns. Solid look for me. LOL. Thanks Jeff and Mornin Crew!!!!!

  6. Definite good time this morning, mostly because I was coaching and not doing the WOD. This looks brutal. Was great to see everyone determined to finish. On Megan’s last thruster she let out a yell the likes of which I had not heard since Friday night when her son, Tristan, let out a yell of similar pitch and amplitude.

    Victor, make sure you greatly scale this today on your first day back. Don’t go anywhere near prescribed load or number of reps. Not that you couldn’t get it done, but your training will progress better if you work back in at less than balls to the wall intensity.

  7. Hudson had mercy on me and stopped me at the 30 minute mark. I bonked big time today. Hudson enlightened me with some dietary tips. Basically, my pre-workout snack needed fat and carbs in addition to the protein I had consumed.

  8. Did this one at Crossfit Huntsville. 19:24 Rx. Working out there made me thankful for air conditioning. It makes a big difference. I had to sprint to the water fountain once to keep my throat working. Rough WOD altogether

    Lunch class was small but good. Watched Jakub do a sub 2:30 Grace. Also got to watch Gean push right to the end of his limits. I literally saw his legs go out from under him on the second set of thrusters.

  9. 25:40 rx’d. The toughest part for me was by far the 115 & 135 thrusters. I found myself gasping for air when trying to link more than one or two, so I need to find a good combo of bar position on the throat and better breathing. Tough workout, but glad I finished it prescribed. What a slap in the ass for Monday!

  10. Since I missed todays WOD, I did this….

    Complete all 4 rounds for time

    Pushups 20 15 10 5
    KB Swing 15 10 5 20
    Situps 10 5 20 15
    KB Squats 5 20 15 10

    KB swings are at 20kg (44 pounds)

    KB Squats are two 20kg held in rack position (88 pounds)

    The round with 20 squats in it was tough for me. Finished in 8:50. Nasty little WOD. Try it.

    1. Thats the most complex rep scheme ever. Sounds like a good workout though.

  11. The format got all screwed up when I hit submit to post. Here is how the rounds broke down.

    Round 1
    20 Pushups
    15 KB Swings
    10 Situps
    5 KB Squats

    Round 2
    15 Pushups
    10 KB Swings
    5 Situps
    20 KB Squats

    Round 3
    10 Pushups
    5 KB Swings
    20 Situps
    15 KB Squats

    Round 4
    5 Pushups
    20 KB Swings
    15 Situps
    10 KB Squats

  12. Good 6:15 class. Brittany finished this one strong. Jordan, Bill and Chris fought through it prescribed! Kudos to Erin for climbing to the top of the rope for the first time during the WOD! She only made half way up during the warm-up. This one was brutal and everyone worked really hard getting through it!

    I did this one with the 5:00.

    Time was 23:02 Rx’d. Thrusters are always difficult following a row. This one was overall tough.

  13. 34:49 (or 36:49, had to subtract 6 off the clock and I can’t remember if it was at 42 or 40)
    (85 lb. on every thruster, 1 pood kb swings)

    This one was brutal. Never thought I’d look forward to rowing and climbing the rope.

    Thanks to everyone that was pushing me at the end. And thanks to David for not cutting me off because I was taking so long.

  14. Well today at the box was just fun, all around good time. I enjoyed seeing friends at the gym, talking about whatever came up, listening to some pretty good music, oh yeah and getting my ass kicked by the WOD. I thought it might be the kettlebell swings that would give me the hardest time, in the end, it was the thrusters that gave me hell. I found myself gasping for air more than normal, and don’t know if it was the wod or the crap I consumed over the weekend. I finished though, 25:47 rx’d. Saw a lot of people at the box today, which I thought was pretty cool. CFI seems to have grown a lot since Meg and I started 2 months ago.

  15. I finished 22:58 on this. I did 31lb/41lb/41lb, 1/2 robe climb the first 2 rounds, and climbed the entire way the 3rd round. Thanks so much for the encouragement David!!! Each class I find myself doing one more thing I have never done! Good times and meeting great people!

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