Thursday 24 June

“The Bear”

5 Rounds of

Perform the following sequence 7 times:

– Power Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Back Squat
– Push Press

Perform the sequence without dropping the bar or resting with the bar on the ground. Increase your load each round. Rest as needed between rounds. Check out the demo video below. Post loads to comments.

Demo Video

10 thoughts on “Thursday 24 June

  1. All I have to say is Megamann you are awesome!! You did awesome and helped me greatly through this work out!
    Rx: 11-31-36-41-46
    Great job everyone!!!

  2. 95 – 105 – 115 fail – 120 – 125 fail

    Lost my grip on the 115 set and dropped the bar. So, I decided to go up 5 pounds. Finished the bear with 120.

    The 125 set was a challenge to say the least. Made it through 3 rounds before I had to drop the bar. Thanks for all of the encouragement from David, Jeff, Yaneth, Lonny, and everyone else talking me through round 5. Wish I could have finished it. Either way, Im happy with 120.

    I feel like my strength levels are finally starting to slowly increase with leg intensive workouts. Its about time. Ive also tried to be a lot more aggressive in my workouts lately. Has helped me a lot.

  3. 95-115-130-140-150

    Saw a lot of people going very aggressive with their loads and pushing their limits. Yaneth and Lonny in particular pushed hard, having to rest inbetween reps of the sequence. Nice job.

  4. A lot of hard work in the 5:00 class! Kudos to Russell for challenging himself! Patrick Fink killed some double-unders with 118 consecutive during the warm-up of the 6:15 class!

    My loads for the “Bear” were:

  5. 45-65-75-85-95

    This one’s deceptive to say the least. It also tests your mental toughness.

  6. 65-95-105-115-120

    I definitely agree with Lonny on the mental toughness aspect. Luckily, I was channeling the great Alabama football coach Ray “the Bare” Perkins during this one to keep me going.

  7. 95-115-125-135-150

    My forearms, wrists, and shoulders were spent after this WOD. As Fink alluded to I think my hatred of the name “The Bear” and Bammer football fueled me for the last set.

    1. Y’all had to bring football into the picture. Didn’t even cross my mind. I was thinking about grizzlies and black bears.

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