Friend & Family Day at CrossFit Impulse!

When: Sunday July 25th at 3:00PM

Where: CrossFit Impulse. 115 B Castle Dr, Madison, AL 35758

Workout: 8 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) of 5 pullups (elastic band assistance available for all ability levels) 10 pushups (scaled as needed) and 15 situps. This workout will take the place of the main site workout of the day.

Why: Many of you all have asked if you could bring a friend or family member to workout. This is your chance to bring friends and family to not only see what you do, but participate as well. Explaining CrossFit to family and friends is often difficult. We want to open our doors to them and allow you the opportunity to show them what you guys do every day at CFI!

Just for Fun: If you have a friend or family member sign-up for Fundamentals on Friend & Family Day you will receive a free CrossFit Impulse t-shirt. The next fundamentals series starts on July 30th and ends on August 1st.


8 thoughts on “Friend & Family Day at CrossFit Impulse!

    1. Tee-shirts are $20 each. We have two designs.We are waiting for our new order of shirts to come in. If you earn one by having a friend sign up, or just want to buy a shirt, you may pick the design you like best.

  1. We Would love to come and bring some of our friends and family that wonder what on earth we have gotten ourselves into!! But we are leaving for FL that day. Maybe you’ll have another one soon!

    1. Lori, that is too bad that you guys won’t be able to make it on Sunday. We plan to have these once a month or at least once ever two months from here on out.

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