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    1. Daniel, I almost cried. I have fought against low self-esteem and body issues my whole life. It’s only been recently that I have begun to feel really good about myself. Eric can attest to that. More women should learn how to redefine “beauty” as the article describes. Kudos!

    2. Umm…AWESOME ARTICLE! From, what Ive seen in my short crossfit experience, crossfit woman push each other to extraordinary limits and want to see the other succeed! even if it means kicking them off the leader board! and by them I mean me… 🙁 Just makes me want to work harder!

  1. 28:14 Rx’d.

    As expected, push ups were the limiting factor. Seems like I spent close to 15 minutes on them.

    1. What do you mean, PUSH-UPS were the limiting factor?? After about 50 pull-ups I thought my arms were going to fall off!! haha. By the time I got to the push-ups, my arms were numb.

  2. 28:29 or 29:28… don’t remember. Rx’d but with blue band for pull-ups and went to raised push-ups (last 30 or so were against the wall :-/). My muscles are still quivering after that, but I really liked this WOD!

  3. 25:24 Rx’d with green band, thanks Christina for suggesting I use green band, I would probably still be doing them with the blue band!! However, this is a PR for me; I did this back in Feb at home and it took me around 40min to complete! So I’m making progress 🙂

  4. 32:04 Rxed-ish (Blue Band and box/wall push ups). I don’t think I can lift my arms above shoulder level, they are so tired.

    Great job Lori, and Erin, you’re times were great!

    Oh, and the article was brilliant. Thanks for sharing Daniel.

  5. That article was a good read Daniel. So, do you have any articles that help define what makes me beautiful?

      1. Haha, nice. I think you’re beautiful too Greg, but for me, it’s those tatts you have!

    1. The best tip I can give you for thinking you are beautiful……stay away from mirrors as often as possible. haha

      1. hahahaha, awesome! Thanks for the humbling advice Daniel! I will work on ducking them on my way to the crapper. Thank goodness there isn’t one at CFI!

  6. 22:21 rx’d

    Ripped a callous off of my hand again. I did get some very good, non-girlie, callous filing tips from Daniel today. So maybe I can reduce the amount of blood I leave on the pull-up bar for the next class.

  7. Well to all that actually know who I am I thought I would drop a quick update to you all. I should be able to return to the box early next month. And I’ll be damned if I haven’t missed it. I will have to take it slow and ease back into it again to ensure I do not cause significant damage to my back. I am sure Daniel will make sure to yell along with everyone else if I seem to be going to hard. The pain and swelling are now gone and the doc is clearing me to go SLOWLY back to working out again for a month or so. Thanks for all the support to everyone who has kept thinking of me. David, Daniel, Jeff, Christina, Zan, Brittany, Jordan, Greg (all of them), Lonny and anyone else I missed thanks a lot. It really shows how Crossfit Impulse is more than just a box. It is a family.

    1. CrossFit Impulse is just not the same without there dirty sailor 🙂 Looking forward to having you back… by the way I think you are going to like some new decor we have for CFI 🙂

  8. 21:57 rx’d

    Thought I had sub 20 in me, but those situps had my number. Everything else felt pretty decent.
    Glad you ladies enjoyed the article!

  9. Made a rare appearance to the lunch class today. I’ll see my 6:15 crew tonight to cheer you on as I do some extra strength work.

  10. Silver 13:28. I’m learning more with each workout and I appreciate all of the cheering and encouragement, you guys are great. Gean, Daniel and Brandon way to get it done and set the bar on the board! Leah (sp?) it was nice to meet you!! Dan we made it through another one!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement during the workout Michelle, I heard ya but didn’t have the energy to acknowledge it. I can’t wait to do that one again(not too soon though) and see the improvement. I really need to work on those pull ups.

  11. Silver 18:09 with band assisted pullups and it still kicked my but. Can’t wait for things to get easier for me to do.

  12. Silver (60 reps each exercise) 13:52–totally unassisted. This is the first time I’ve done large reps of pull ups unassisted. I seeing some really great results from crossfit, and knocking out the first 15 pull ups linked is so far beyond what I could do when I started 4 months ago.

  13. i did gold in 19:27. i used the green band on my pull ups and had to scale some on my push ups (i got 30 real ones!) but i did it and it felt great!!

  14. alright, so today was the first time I did Rx and I got it in 32:04.

    Boy was I close to throwing up my lunch after all that. It felt good to push it. Thanks everyone for pushing me through those final reps. I have to say that is the one thing I like most about this style of working out. You are never completing a workout on your own, and when you are losign your juice someone is there to push you through!

  15. 12:51 Rx’d (PR by 1:27)

    Last 50 pushups were killer. I made better time on my situps than last time. Squats were nasty with a rounded back to avoid stressing my left hip too much. Judging from David’s cues I probably cheated full extension on several of them. Thanks for keeping me honest.

    5:00 class was a blast, as usual. Great to have Craig from CrossFit Memphis dropping in with us.

  16. I’ve noticed some confusion on the whiteboard with the term “Rx’d” This isn’t a big deal inside our gym, but if you ever try comparing your times to another person on the net you may be misrepresenting yourself. If you perform the workout “Rx’d” or “prescribed,” that means you did it exactly as written on the board with no scaling. There is no such thing as “Rx’d with band assisted pullups.” Your WOD is only Rx’d if you didn’t scale anything at all. Rx’d also means no substitutions. Today David and Yaneth substituted double unders and walking lunges for pullups and pushups in order to accommodate healing shoulders. They both completed a very tough workout, but it wasn’t today’s WOD as prescribed, and that’s OK. They still worked their asses off and did the WOD that’s right for them, it just wasn’t Angie as Rx’d.

    Now there’s nothing at all wrong with scaling, nor doing the Rx’d rep scheme with scaled movements. I just wanted to point out that the term “prescribed” in CrossFit means no modifications and no scaling. It’s not meant to be elitist, but it does have a definition, and it makes sense to use it correctly. Hope you guys understand my perspective. Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to educate.

  17. Today I did the prescribed rep scheme with a blue band for the pull ups and I did 20 regular push ups then I moved to a bench for the rest of my push ups. My time was 28:10. My limiting factor was definitely push ups! I couldn’t feel my arms and the bench style push ups are almost harder for me because of the awkward positioning. Brittany and Zan did awesome today getting on the leader board! Everyone did an awesome job!

  18. Angie made me her little b*tch today. 80 pullups (no bands), 100 pushups, 80 situps, 100 squats. 25:29. Next time I’ll go Rx’d, and make Angie say my name.

  19. For time:
    200 Double-unders
    100 walking lunges
    100 situps
    100 squats
    Time: 13:50

    Enjoyed coaching the 6:15 class! Jeremy learned to kip out of necessity, great job! Zan and Brittany were neck and neck the entire workout. Way to push each other ladies! Everyone worked hard on Angie! It just keeps getting better at CFI!

  20. Thanks David for the push, Pullups are just my nemisis (that and endurance, ohhh and…) but appreciate your assistance! look forward to the day I can do full RX’d workouts.

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