Friday 23 July

Angie at CFI

Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
12′ Wall climb
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
12′ Wall climb
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents
Twelve minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part A: Rich Froning Jr. 6:55, Kristan Clever 2 rounds + 30 push-ups (65lb)
Part B: Ben Smith 1 round + 18 ground to OH, Kristan Clever 2 rounds + 4 knees to elbows (65lb)
Part C: Chris Spealler 8:32, Annie Thorisdottir 7:34 (2 rope climbs).
Post times and/or number of rounds and reps completed for each part to comments.

The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 2” with Dr. Nicolas Romanov, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“The Active Shoulder” with Kelly Starrett – video [wmv] [mov]

The 2010 CrossFit Games “What is CrossFit?” commercial – video [wmv] [mov]

22 thoughts on “Friday 23 July

    1. Hey Greg, sorry class ran over today –It is always difficult to gage how a new workout will go. Great job today!

      1. No issues at all. I may come back and finish. We shall see. I am very happy with the changes you made on my rope climbing. And I was happy to do all the ground to overhead as snatches. Thanks.
        I was however disappointed that there was no incorporation of “struttin that ass” into the WOD as Jeff promised. You can’t get my hopes up like that and not deliver. It messes with my emotions.
        Awesome job to all the morning Wodkillers!

    1. Would the gold silver or bronze version of “strutting that ass” be “shakin it like a salt shaker” or “droppin’ it like it’s hawt?” I just don’t think I am up to the Rx level yet as I don’t work on the arsenal nor have a Mercedes.

      1. Hey I work on the Arsenal and I can only “Drop it like its Luke Warm” and thats on a good day.

    2. hahahaha awesome

      But I gotta say I don’t like your Clinton-esque, chauvinistic attitude.

  1. 65# bar. Towel pullups

    A) 1 rnd. 10 oh squats
    B) 1 rnd.
    C) 3 rnds @ 7:03

    Then 46″ flat-footed box jump no drop-step.

    Insane WOD.

  2. This was killer!!

    35 lbs for lifts and Rope climbs as RX

    Part A- 1 round + 30 pushups
    Part B- 1 round + 30 toes to bar+ 4 ground to overhead
    Part C- 18 inch box steps ups and burpees+ one rope climb + 18 inch box step ups and burpees
    Christina and I came to the mutual agreement that I was done in this last round :)…Rope Climbs have defiantly gotten a lot harder pulling the extra weight around.

    After the workout it was awesome to see Eric defy gravity with the vertical leaps….Great Job!

  3. Alright, so I probably should of rested today after last nights WOD, but figured I would try to push through and see how I did. In short, I wasn’t too happy with performance, but after hitting muscle failure last night I am not shocked at what I did.

    A: I got up to 21 squats in the 1st round (I did 4 overheads before I realzied I was not doing the squats.)
    B: I got up to 14 overheads in the 1st round
    C: I finished this set at 10:37

    I used 65lbs for the weight and substituted towel pullups for the rope climb, used the 18″ box for the burpees, and used the green band combined with jumping to help me finish each pull.

  4. 119 reps as rx’d. Those rope ascents were brutal.

    B: 30 + 9
    A: 1 round + 5 pushups
    C: 2 rounds + 5 burpee box jumps + 1 ascent
    (O & N): 1 limp-dishrag collapse, 0:01 (PR!)

  5. This was a WOD with an epic scale for me. Scaled just about everything- towel pulls instead of rope climb, 18″ box, 31# barbell (started with 41#), and hanging tucks instead of toes to bar. I’m not thrilled with how I did, but whatevs…

    A. 1 round + 31 reps= 84 points
    B. 1 round + 30 reps= 81 points
    C. 6 rounds (forgot to stop at 3) in 8:17

  6. This was HARD!! Especially after Angie yesterday, my arms and abs are about gone. I feel like I did pretty good on this though, seeing me and Erin did 6 rounds instead of 3 on part C!! Anyway, I’m resting for the next 2 days…then I’ll be doing my WOD’s in Destin!! See all of you in a week….

    A. 1 round + 35 reps= 88 points
    B. 1 round + 25 reps= 76 points
    C. 6 rounds (forgot to stop at 3) in 8:17

  7. I did Angie.

    19:23 (PR)

    I just had to get me a PR today! It felt good. Even though I had to take a shower with latex gloves on so my hands wouldn’t burn too bad.

  8. Jordan, that’s an insane PR on Angie. Nice work!

    I did some jerks from the rack.

    Stopped with a 15 lb PR and my ligaments intact. I’m not usually that disciplined.

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