8 thoughts on “Saturday 24 July

  1. Ran a 5k this morning at the greenway. Finished in 22:57.

    Afterwards I did 30 muscle ups for time. Finished in 7:55.

  2. Finished my first Crossfit Total. Press: 75, back squat 145, deadlift 215. Score: 435. I am beat. Feel like I could have done more. Maybe next time.

  3. Today was Eric’s and my off day but we’ve been in Chattanooga participating in a dragon boat race. 20 paddlers in a long boat, racing 200m. It would have been fun with our crossfit family. Instead, we were in a boat filled with big egos. Very little teamwork made for a frustrating experience. Looking forward to returning to the box tomorrow!

  4. Was going to run a 5k this morning, but halfway through I was so hot I thought I might pass out. Did a 2.5k in 17 mins, which is actually a big improvement for me. Darn these stubby little legs!

  5. Megan it is funny you are the fourth person to run a 5k this morning. I met up with Zan this morning and ran a 5K with her, and after one lab the heat definitely got to us. Time was 30:33 not a PR for either one of us. I was so glad when it was done! — it was extremely hot. Thanks Zan I you were a great running partner!

    Then did CrossFit Total:
    Shoulder press – 80lbs
    Back press – 150lbs (5lb pr)
    Deadlift – 215lbs (5lb pr)
    Total = 445 (pr by 35lbs from last total in Feb. 2010)

  6. Did my second cf total in about 2 weeks. Got 815, 40 lbs less than last time. Not being able to dl as much as last time hurt me. Squat-245, press-165, dl-405, total-815. Good working with Scott b. and my bro.

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