Sunday 25 July

Today is CrossFit Impulse Friend and Family Day. If you know someone who’s interested in CrossFit and wants to try it or see it for themselves, bring them to our 3:00 class. We’ll have a quick intro to CrossFit and then everyone can participate in today’s WOD. As always, scaling will be available for all ability levels. There is no requirement for high intensity exercise. Everyone can participate at whatever level they are comfortable.

AMRAP 8 minutes

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 situps

Post rounds completed to comments.

15 thoughts on “Sunday 25 July

    1. Ryan: Thanks for the post. Just placed an order for RUSH delivery. I plan on throwing on some fingerless gloves and a tiny shirt and waiting eagerly for its arrival!!!

  1. I think the Box PR’d on BTU output today.

    I got 6 rounds Rx thanks to Bacon pushing me harder than I really wanted to go.

    1. @E I knew you meant business when after the first set of pullups you dropped off the bar and into a pushup all in one slick 180.

  2. Nice work, EA. When it’s 100 degrees outside and we’ve got 50 people inside, about 80 degrees is the best the A/C can do. Definite PR in BTU output for CFI!

    Thoroughly enjoyed having everyone today. Energy was outstanding, as was meeting so many great new people. Hope we’ll get to work with many of you in the future.

  3. I was able to complete 8 rounds, and was closing in on finishing my 9th. Wasn’t able to get the situps in the 9th round.

    Fun wod, and was certainly a differnt “feel” today having 50 people watch during the heats. I think it actually made me push myself harder. Great to see so many new faces. Good job to Jeff, David, and Christina for keeping order while managing such a mass of people in the heats, and keeping everything running so smoothly. Everything flowed great. Props to you guys.

    Off day for me tomorrow, so you guys enjoy the wod!

  4. Thanks so much guys for throwing a first class family day. The boys are still raving about it. Especially when I showed them their pics that you posted. They were so happy.

  5. Glad you guys and your loved ones enjoyed Family Day. That makes it all worth it.

    Daniel, I’m disappointed you’re resting tomorrow. I programmed a WOD in which you, David, and any other Morgan County natives should excel.

    1. Jeff, that is an awesome workout.Overhead farmer carries are one of my old favorites. Only reason I was resting was because I had to run an errand after work. But I will be there for the 5PM class. Looking forward to this one.

    2. Oh, and yeah, us dung heep haul’n Morgan county boys are gonna make this wod cry.

  6. Much thanks to Christina, Jeff and David for the family day. That was a lot of fun. My son Alec, 10, participated in the kid’s heat, a 4 minutes AMRAP, and got 4 full rounds with blue band assisted PU’s. For myself, I got 7 rounds + 3 PU’s.

  7. I linked 5 pullups yesterday after the wod. Unassisted!! My dreams are being realized 🙂

  8. Had a great time with this workout. I managed to do all KIP unassisted pullups for my 5 rounds, although after 2 rnds, went down to doing only 3 pullups. My arms are definitely dead, taking a rest day today.

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