Monday 26 July

10 Rounds for time:

-50 ft overhead famer’s walk with uneven load (m: 70 lb/53 lb; f: 55 lb/ 35 lb)

-Over the pullup bar, any way

-50 ft overhead famer’s walk with uneven load (m: 70 lb/53 lb; f: 55 lb/ 35 lb)

-12 squats

Overhead famer’s walk will be done by carrying the heavier load hanging by one arm and the lighter load extended overhead in the other arm. At the end of 50 ft the athlete will drop the load, maneuver her body over the pullup bar, and then return to the starting line in an overhead famer’s walk while carrying the light/heavy loads in opposite arms from her first walk. After the athlete has returned to the starting line, she will perform 12 squats. Complete this sequence for 10 rounds. Prescribed WOD will use barbells for heavier load. Kettlebells will be available for lighter load and as scaling options for heavier load.

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23 thoughts on “Monday 26 July

  1. Sorry I missed yesterday, not sure what I did but when I woke up Saturday morning my left arm felt like someone beat it with a baseball bat and it was still hurting yesterday and couldn’t find anyone to that wanted to go, though I did find someone who is willing for the next one.

    I will miss today because i have to have the Army correct a faulty root canal, but will hopefully be back in the Box tomorrow for a much needed workout.

  2. After coaching this morning, I can’t wait to hit this WOD in the afternoon. I was really impressed and entertained by all the ways you guys found to get over the bar. Before class I essentially knew 2 methods:
    1. the college boy roll
    2. the chicken wing/outboard leg method.

    -Lonny taught me the “muscle up/stand on the bar” method.
    -Melissa taught me the “one leg over then pullup then roll over the bar” method.
    -Erin taught me the “climb the uprights with your shoes and throw your leg over” method
    -Eric taught me the “climb over one bar, jump down using the adjacent bar” method

    Overall, I really like these task-oriented workouts. You guys also mastered the farmer’s walk like cake. Congrats to Jonathan for taking a solid win via his speed and proficiency at the college boy roll.

  3. Loved this WOD!! I had a blast doing it this morning….Everyone did a great job! I have to give a shout out to my girl Erin A for linking 5 kipping pull-ups yesterday!!

    Silver (7 rounds):

    45lb DB and 26lb KB overhead for farmers walk /over the pull-up bar/air squats x 7
    Time: 15:04

  4. 13:39 Rx

    I was initially hesitant about getting over the pullup bar, but the college boy roll was fun.
    Just had to get over the feeling of terror at first about how that was going to work.

  5. Great workout. Sorry your arm was hurting Steven. We missed you there for sure. I got the roll after a few trys. The hardest part of it for me was committing to go all the way over. And getting my hips above the bar before going over. It won’t work very well without that. At any rate, the workout rocked!! Nice change of pace.
    13:02 Rx’d.

    1. Thanks Greg, I was really excited about this over the bar stuff but I couldn’t even turn the key in my car and had to you my left hand. I am guessing tendinitis from Saturday. I felt better after icing my arm and taking some Ibuprofen.

  6. I was unsure about this one initially, but the 8 yr. old in me loved the bar part! I ended up shimmying up the vertical poles (uprights?) and then did a forward roll over the bar. I used to shimmy up the walls in our kitchen as a child, and flip over the monkey bars, so thank you for the nostalgia, Jeff! lol

    I carried 45# DB in one hand and 26# KB (3/4 pood) in the other hand. That KB ended up being super hard, so I downsized to the 18# KB for a few rounds until I got used to it. Finished 7 rounds in 15:03. And now I have pretty sweet bruises on my thighs and upper harms from the bar rolls. I love my battle wounds. I think my first tattoo will be a giant bruise in the shape of a bar imprint. 😉

  7. Erin and I probably won’t be able to have kids thanks to this WOD.

    My left elbow feels like I have tendinitis in it.

    And my right inner bicep has a bloody bruise the size of a softball.

    Overall bad morning for my family tree.

  8. This one was about overcoming fear of both heights and flipping upside down and remembering that those things are actually quite fun.
    Thanks to Christina for helping me with both.
    Silver scaled to inverted hangs. I did manage to climb over the bar twice, 1st in warmup and again when it was over just to prove to myself that the 1st time wasn’t a fluke. 45# DB and 26# KB for the farmers walk. Davy and Gean both did a great job getting over the bar, Gean was very superman like. Leah gets it done every time and makes it look easy while doing it!! Dan thank you so much for the warrior comment, at that moment it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Yay for the lunch crowd!

  9. 13:46 rx’d

    This WOD was great! Anytime there is climbing over something in a WOD it has to be a good one. Great job lunch crew!

  10. Way cool programming Jeff! This was an awesome, fun WOD. My time was 12:05. My technique for getting over the bar wasn’t pretty, and one has to be careful that the boys don’t get stranded on the wrong side of the bar, but it got the work done. I did scale the load to 55/35 lbs, since I couldn’t push press the 1.5 pood KB overhead with one arm.

  11. 8:37

    I enjoyed this one too. Especially enjoyed working with everyone before and after the WOD on getting over the bar. I think I saw every conceivable way to get over the pullup bar today. Congrats to everyone who got over the bar for the first time today, including Christina!

  12. That was a fun wod and a much needed break from hanging out in labor and delivery all day. Megan and I agree that was a great way to get some energy/aggression out! Although I hated to finish and leave…I could watch people do that for hours. Thanks for the reassurance about using the “little bar” Patrick, I don’t feel ashamed about it at all. Finished in 9:10, rx’d. Everyone really seemed to enjoy this workout, great programming Jeff.

  13. 12:26 Rx’d

    Really fun WOD today! I enjoyed teaching the 6:15 class. Great job everyone!

  14. Lunch class and 5:00 really gave it their all with getting over the pullup bar! I enjoyed working out with the 6:15 class. Thank you all for the support!
    Time was 13:13 with 55lb heavy weight barbell and 26lb overhead weight kettlebell. I alternated between getting over the bar and 2x ring flips. Getting over the bar was slow ( have to learn the college boy roll) and ring flips helped with getting the feeling of a college boy roll, and were also easier which made the intensity better for me. Overall, had a great workout and really enjoyed over coming some fears today!

  15. 10:52 Rx’d

    Going over the bar was fun, both doing it and helping others with it.

  16. I barely missed silver fatiguing on round 6. Had fun with the bar flips. Famers walk started to weaken my grip strength after round 5 wasnt sure i was going to make it over that bar. :0) Had a blast though look forward to the fun stuff today.

    What a fun mysteriously exhausting way to start your first day at Crossfit. :0)

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